BOOK REVIEW - The Gift of Psalms

One of my favorite places to go in the Bible for comfort, encouragement, validation or simply reflection, is a visit to the Psalms. That’s why it was very easy for me to pick The Word of Promise ™ book, by Thomas Nelson, featuring The Gift of Psalms and review it. This book is beautifully presented – slim line, in rich brown leather-look with gold lettering.

Inside I found a Psalm (in the New King James Version), on one page, complemented by words of wisdom on the opposite page; an insightful devotional written by Lori Jones. At the end of the devotional, a short prayer expresses thoughts that come straight from the heart of the writer - leading the reader to continue conversation with God in their own words.

On Psalm 8, Lori finishes the devotional, “What an amazing and generous Creator we have! This psalm begins with praise and ends with praise – a reminder that we should begin and end our days giving praise to the one who has made us and cares for us so well.”

The book is a treasure and an easy read in itself. One different Psalm and meaningful devotional for 50 days! An added bonus is the 3 CDs, tucked neatly inside the back cover! Yes, well known celebrities lend their amazing voices as narrators of selected Psalms as part of a dramatic audio theatre. What a treat for the senses – the book to read and the CDs to listen to – over and over again. A lovely gift to enhance someone’s devotional time!


Karabeth said...

Thank you for recommending a good read. I'm always looking for encouraging devotionals and the psalms are some of my favorite Bible passages.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great review, Karin. You know how much I love the Psalms. I led a Bible Study on some of them once..