1. He loves the Lord with all his heart.
2. His love for me is never in doubt!
3. His special gifts to me are his listening ear, his wisdom, his patience, his kindness, his gentleness and his non-judgmental attitude.
4. He is a very considerate, humble, godly man.
5. He encourages me to follow the Lord’s leading in my ministry to seniors, never once holding me back.
6. He enjoys going out for dinner together.
7. Since being retired he has learned to make some special meals for us at home. When I come home from work, dinner is already in the works.
8. He helps around the house in areas where I cannot anymore, like vacuuming and washing the floor. He stacks and empties the dishwasher – no one does the job as good as he!
9. Providing well for his family has been his strong point. No, we’re not rich, but he’s taken 3 trips to Europe – 2 with me and 1 with our son. We are content to live within our means.
10. While not mechanical, he did the whole beautiful landscaping from scratch, during the years that we owned different homes – building fences and playhouses for our children. They are still standing and in good shape!!
11. In all our moving across the land, he always packed and I unpacked!
12. His hobby is stamps – and boy he knows his stuff. He buys and sells but recently is trying to wind it down.
13. Now that we’re retired he is learning to let go at times of his routine and drop everything to go for coffee with friends.
14. He was professor of Old Testament for 33 years at the same Bible College. I have no idea how many students he influenced, in whom he stirred up a greater love for the Scriptures, particularly the Old Testament.
15. He is very detailed and dependable.
16. As a family we have crisscrossed the USA and Canada for many wonderful vacations during each summer recess – both oceans, the mountains, the prairies! He did all the planning! Oh the fun memories!
17. We have lived in South Dakota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky in the USA and in Manitoba and Alberta in Canada and have really enjoyed it!
18. He has passed his love for studying, learning, teaching on to our children! He took his Ph. D. studies twice and passed all his course work with an A- average, yet could not continue the first time due to our financial situation and the second time due to serious health issues.
19. He loves his grandchildren and you should hear the wonderful conversations he has with them.
20. He excelled in childcare – with his own children as well the grandchildren who happened to need it. When I was at my wit’s end, he would come to the rescue, being cool as a cucumber as he is, and the child would relax! Phew!!
21. We are actually comfortable to be in silence with one another – for hours on end!
22. He loves his coffee and his cola and only recently started drinking ‘diet cola’. No flavored coffee please and no tea!
23. His favorite cakes are my Marble Cake and my Bienenstich, recipes from my mom that I've adapted a little to suit our taste!
24. A meat and potatoes man, but also willing to try some not so traditional meals.
25. Does not like shrimp, lobster, scallops, clams, - won’t even try them - but loves Teriyaki Baked Salmon with asparagus!! Yum! Oh, he's home from shopping now! Gotta go!

You are loved always!


Betty said...

Nr. 24 and 25 is my hubby also. You can be so proud of your husband and this is great after so many years!
Thanks for sharing!

LegalMist said...

What a wonderful tribute! He sounds like a wonderful man.

Thank you for stopping by my little blog. It is always nice to welcome new readers.

I have bookmarked your blog, too, and will stop by again next week.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Julie said...

Sounds like a keeper, Karin! Great hearing about your God-given hubby!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Karin, I hope you shared this blog with him.. What did he say??? What a fabulous tribute to a wonderful man.


Velvet Over Steel said...

Beautiful tribute to an obviously wonderful man! So very glad he treats you so well!!!!! You deserve it & you give me so much hope in finding someone who treats me like I deserve too!! Thank you!!!

HUG & Much Love,
Coreen xoxo