It seems that so often my defeats loom so large
And my memory, just clear as a bell,

Recalls how I’ve have failed, have stumbled or fallen
And the Enemy wants me on those things to dwell.

I’ve learned now to stop, to recollect, to remember,
To train myself to be more selective

To think on those things that are honest, pure, right,

And my daily life has become more effective.

There are so many victories with You, Lord, I remember,

There are beautiful memories I choose to recall!

I’ve learned that defeats are a part of my growth,
And not a one has the power to harm me at all.
Facing each giant is a hard, lonely journey,
Yet You’ve always been there in each fight!
Recalling the victories gives new inspiration,
To speak out in boldness and do what is right.

Even though sometimes my knees were knocking,
My thoughts were confused; my tongue was all tied,
I trusted in You Lord, and you slew my giant!

The battle was Yours, Lord! In You I could hide!
Thank you, dear Father, that You never change.

You have been faithful and merciful too.
My painful past, my precarious present,
My uncertain future, I give all to You.

Karin Ristau


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Another good one, Karin. Thanks!!! I often wonder how people make it through tragedy without God in their lives...


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Karin...this is beautiful! :)

Your writing-for some reason- reminds me of Oswald Chambers' My Utmost For His Highest- which is the devotional that I read when I was in high school...this poem reminds me of the many sweet devotionals I had with God back in my high school years when my life was a lot harder (going through a lot of stuff) and I sat with my devotional cradled in my hands and knees.

thank you.

lovely poem.


Mary Moss said...

Karin, this is such a great prayer. "my precarious present" is precarious because of our human frailty. Thank our Heavenly Father we can rely upon Him in all situations.