When it comes to apologizing and forgiving I think it very important to do it as quickly as possible. There is no sense in carrying grudges! So, before the year is out, perhaps there is someone with whom we still need a chat. May the Lord always fill us with a spirit of love and forgiveness that melts our proud and closed heart!

"I'm sorry about what happened.
Can we be friends again?"
And the little boy opened his heart's door wide
And let his buddy back in.

But here's what I heard you say,
"Forgiveness just doesn't happen that way.
"I'll just have to think more about it,"
And you closed your heart's door that day.

"Well, maybe, after my wounds have healed,
I just might give it some thought."
Or, "No way, I just need my distance,"
And you closed your heart's door on the spot.

When we all spurn God's love, how does He respond?
Does He say, "That's too bad, you've made your choice?"
Or, in anger does He say, "Good riddance to you."
Does self-pity, "How dare they do this to me," fill His voice?

No! He made THE WAY so we'd reconcile.
He gave His only begotten Son,
Who paid ALL of sin's penalty with His death!
He opened His heart's door and redeeming LOVE won!

Karin Ristau

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