The year is gone, a storehouse of treasured memories!
Days of sheer joy and times of great sorrow.
Yes, God was directing all of our paths.
He's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Challenges made us discover our self.
How deep is our faith? Our loyalty where?
What do we value, love and hold true?
In all testing and trials, Jesus was there!

Did we have courage? Or falter and fail?
Did we walk in the Spirit? Did our faith grow?
Did we each other's burdens bear?
Did we the seed of the Good News sow?

Each day we became more dependent on Him!
Each day our love for Him grew.
Each moment His strength, mercy and grace
Led us our pathway anew!

What's gained from this storehouse of memories?
Pearls of great wisdom, noble and true!
To be more like Jesus is our heartfelt desire ~
To live for Him all our days through.

The year up ahead brings new hopes to fulfill;
New days to use serving our Lord.
New adjustments to make, new problems to solve.
The answers are found in His Holy Word.

Unwrap this New Year one day at a time!
May you be blessed by His love is my prayer.
May rivers of peace flood your heart every day.
May you rejoice and be glad in His care.

May good health and strength be yours each new day.
May family and friends surround with love.
May God be your portion, Christ Jesus your song,
His Spirit your comfort and guide from above.

Karin Ristau


Anonymous said...

Lovely poem! Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year!

Betty said...

Very beautiful poem. You are so gifted.
I wish you health, happiness and joy for the new year!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations sis! Your blog definitely deserves this Award.How beautiful..simply a WOW! Your poetry is amazing and I love checking out your blog regularly but I don't usually leave a comment. Love you!

Fellow Student said...

Just visiting. Your heart must surely be tuned by God. Milton