Here's little Bryce with his Oma, my dear sister!

Got this E-mail from my nephew's family today. His dear wife Michelle shared this story with us and I thought it would bless your heart as it did mine.

"The busyness of the season is taking place and with that thought I wanted to share a little story with you to encourage hearts and to remind you of the true gift of Christmas! To all the moms out there as exhausted as you are, keep on teaching and loving your kids for the kingdom as they too have a role to play sooner than you think.

Deuteronomy 28 the first part talks about blessing promises if we obey God.
And verse 4 stands out right now.
"The fruit of your womb will be blessed..."
and I also believe a 'blessing'.

On Friday night as we sat for a late fish dinner, I had a little bit of a break down at the dinner table. Probably lack of sleep and very sore back muscles that have been bothering me for a while. Come on, I know there are others out there that relate. HAHAHA! As tears rolled down my cheeks, trying to control my emotions mainly for Bryce's sake, Bryce looked at his dad and said, "Mommy's sad, daddy? Her back is sore?" Hubby rubbed my arm and replied, "Yes mommy's back is sore." He tried to smooth it over quick so that I could have a few moments to get a hold of myself. But then Bryce yelled out to us in his booming voice " No daddy, I pray to Jesus and he can make mommy's back all better" and while Rob and I just stared at him without any time to comment, he bowed his head reached his hand toward me and prayed "Jesus please help mommy to feel better and make her back all better. AMEN!!!!!!!!!"

Then Rob said "thanks Bryce and yes, we should pray for mommy," but Bryce made it very clear that he had already prayed and that was all that was needed. Not 2 prayers. We were so caught off guard! I thanked Bryce and agreed with him that I forgot all about my ailments ~ took another bite of dinner ~ smiled at my almost 3 year old and with that he responded, "See daddy, Jesus made mommy all better. She is OK now!"

So that is part of the story I wanted to share! As I was hang'n with the kids this morning and thinking of how I wanted to tell the story, my door bell rang. It was my 2 neighbor ladies coming over for a visit. The one lady just lost her husband 3 weeks ago. So we welcomed them in and Bryce asked for Gerry. I said, "Remember Bryce, we've talked about this and Gerry is gone." He again blurts out, "That is OK, I prayed and asked Jesus to make Gerry all well again." Then he closed his eyes and held out his hand towards Lynn (Gerry's widow) and prayed, "Jesus, please make Gerry all well again so he is no longer sick, AMEN." Well, this just sent Lynne a sobbing again and she couldn't respond. But we believe Gerry met God on his death bed (as that is another story) and I thought maybe God will use little Bryce's faith to win over Lynne's heart too!!

Now yes, I'm a blessed mama, but I just wanted to encourage you to keep on keeping on and God will do the rest. Just allow your kids to have time with Him and they will bless you abundantly.

Now back to my rat race. HAHAHA"

Thanks Michelle for giving me permission to share this on my blog. I snitched the pic from my sister's facebook!!

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Lady Dorothy said...

I had a few minutes this morning while everyone (but Mama, baby, and me) are at church. I used the time to catch up on your blog!

What a lovely story of a child being brought up in the knowledge of how great and loving our Lord really is!

Have a wonderful Lord's Day!