Student Artwork displayed in Marketplace Chapel,
West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB Canada

where I played for Sunday Services during the time of
Rev. Ben Kellert

He’s been gone
only a little while
To make some
final preparations.
The two of us keep busy;
Playing, reading, singing,
swimming, sleeping,
Laughing, living,
Loving together.
The time goes by
but he does not return.
She asks for him often.
I reassure her,
“He’s coming soon.”
We talk about him
and recall his presence.
She smiles
with a faraway look.
Even though she does all the things
she normally does,
She is very conscious of his absence!
She often gets out the book,
the one with all his pictures.
We talk about each picture,
though her understanding is limited.
She waits for his return
Glancing often
and longingly at the door.
Suddenly, the door swings open
She drops everything
Nothing else matters
As she runs in wild abandon
Her little arms outstretched
right into his joyful, loving embrace
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
She knew he was coming back.
He has promised it.
She waited patiently for a long time
For his promised return.
Much in the same way
I await ~

Karin Ristau


Anneliese said...

This is beautiful, Karin! A reminder of what I read recently in a Max Lucado book. Thank you.
Thanks for your sweet comment, too.

Betty said...

Very inspiring, this poem! I want to await him like this!