My wish ~
because Jesus came to earth to save, heal and restore,
all broken relationships would be made whole at this Christmastime!

Broken relationships can be restored!
They can grow stronger, more beautiful too.
What does it matter how it got broken,
The touch of His hand will restore and renew!

If there's still a spark of His love deep within
The Holy Spirit can fan into flame,
He'll consume all the dross, refine and perfect,
Bring honor and glory to His Holy Name.

Let's not believe any lies and deception
That Satan concocted to keep us apart.
Let the blood that was shed on the cross by our Savior
Heal all the brokenness. Let's make a fresh start!

Victory in Christ is ours for the claiming.
We are His children. We know THE WAY.
His truth and His love will continue to guide us
As we travel on homeward to meet Him someday!

Karin Ristau

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