Painting by Gustav Semler, a dear friend

Thank you for the robin's song
That sings so sweetly in the trees.
Thank you for the warmth of sunshine
The light caresses of each breeze!

Thank you for the bright blue sky
The soothing green upon the hill!
Thank you for all the fragrant flowers,
The babbling brook down by the mill.

Thank you for golden fields of grain
that started out from tiny seeds.
Thank you for such abundant harvest!
Thank you that you meet all my needs.

Thank you for the love of family,
Abundant joy, each morning new!
Thank you for the joy of friendships,
All good things, God, come from you!

Thank you that you send upon us
Awesome blessings every day!
Thank you that You are my Father!
You'll never leave me, come what may!

Karin Ristau

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Lady Dorothy said...


Just stopping by at the end of our Thanksgiving Day to say how much I appreciate your blog. I always love reading what you say and how you say it!