Far as the straining eye could hope to see
Poppies! Such delicate and filmy blooms!
A sea of red - just as the pulsing blood
That coursed the veins of soldiers, now in tombs.

They died heroically to keep our rights and freedoms;
The right to life, to liberty, security.
Their valiant deaths must never be in vain;
Though flawed and blemished our democracy.

Pay tribute to the ranks of soldiers brave
Whose acts, courageous, daring, bold
Snuffed out their very breath!
Gone was their chance to love, grow old.

Their sacrifice none must forget!
From seasoned saint to hopeful youth,
We still proclaim what’s right, what’s wrong!
We must not fear to speak God’s truth.

For if we’re silenced, then will God our Judge
Call forth the stones to shout out loud.
Lord, for your Kingdom may we be willing to endure
And suffer taunts and jeers among the crowd.

Let us stand firm in faith and fortitude.
A sea of red flows from the Cross of Calvary.
For Christ’s own blood was sacrificed
To save mankind and set the captive free!

He gives to us eternal life, security, true liberty!
He is our God; was mortal man; He is our brother.
The only Perfect One who died to save us all.
Remember His cross – the bridge to the Father!

Karin Ristau ©

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Casey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (and commenting!) on my BATW day!

Thank you also for your support of the troops!

It's cool that you grew up in Germany. It is an amazing experience isn't it?

Carol said...

Thanks for your comment at the Cafe today! :) Blessings, Carol

Anonymous said...
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George said...

Since I missed it the first time around, I'm glad you re-posted it. It's a wonderful post for Remembrance Day.

Warren Baldwin said...


Karin said...

Thank you so much for stopping by - always love to hear from you!

C said...

I didn't even know that poppies symbolized the sacrifice of American soldiers! What wonderful new knowledge! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Karin---I love your poem... It is perfect as we remember our troops--past,present,future....

God Bless... Hope you and hubby are doing okay.

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

well done content!

Ann said...

The topic today in church was Morning star.

Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

Amen! A wonderful tribute to our soldiers. May God protect our military men and women.

Take care and thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

Maria said...

Thank you for this beautiful poem Karin. I am so blessed that the Lord sent me to your site - I don't know how I got there! In NZ we celebrate ANZAC day to remember those men and women who sacrificed so much for us. I noticed one reader thought that the poppies may be an American theme but they are for everyone who served, no matter their nationality. Poppies grew in the fields where they fell.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

A beautiful Remembrance Day post!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute. Each May, I love to see the poppies blooming. Keeping you and your husband in my prayers.