The golden rays played on the mirror of the lake
I sensed you come and sit quietly beside me at the shore.
The morning breeze gently caressed my hand. Or was that you?
It was then I knew.

You were the one!
The darkness quickly vanished with the rising sun.
My heart danced with wild abandon. I felt like a little girl.
Why, I was 11, just a child!

Your very presence pierced my soul.
I knew you could read my every thought, yet I was not ashamed.
I felt your arms encircle me in a tender embrace
You promised never to leave me!

I never felt so light, so free, and perfectly complete!
You whispered lovingly what you had freely done for me.
I gave you both my hands and my heart to be yours forever.
I needed you; you saved me!

My love for you has grown since our first encounter by the lake.
You have kept all your promises.
The richness and fullness of your forever love is my greatest joy!
Jesus, Lover of my soul

Karin Ristau


Deb Burton said...

Hi Karin, thanks so much for stopping by TGMT and leaving a comment. All we can ask is that the Lord bless us with His wisdom and truth so we can teach our children just how wonderful He is. In your case, your grandbabies! Please visit again, I'd love to glean from your wisdom and what worked with your children, and how you see them passing the legacy down to their children. God's blessings!



Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your comment touched my heart.

I enjoyed looking around your blog. It's very nice.