Father, thank You for feelings!
I don’t ever want my feelings
To be deadened by the current drug of choice.

When I get anxious,
You allow me to feel the full brunt of my emotions.
When You have brought me through the crisis unscathed,
You have taught me valuable lessons;
If I don’t feel ~ I can’t learn about myself
The vanity of thinking that I should be in control;
The futility of trying to do things my way;
The lack of trusting
When I don’t cast all my anxiety on you.

When I am angry
And I am allowed to truly feel my anger,
I learn to acknowledge that I make myself sick
With the change in body chemistry that anger triggers.
You teach me that I have options,
I could explode in anger,
I could repress my anger,
Or I could simply confess it to you and
You will direct my actions to do what is right.

When I am sad and grieving,
It is a good thing to feel the pain of the loss
And even give way to tears.
Lord, You have sent the tears to cleanse my eyes,
To give me a different perspective.
I learn to see Your loving hand
In all of my life’s circumstances,
In all of my emotional responses to them.

When I feel joy and love
My heart is a bubbling fountain that splashes on everyone.
My spirit is excited and cannot be contained.
My body is energized by Your very presence.
My hands are lifted up in adoration
My mouth sings praises to You!
My eyes mirror the sunshine of Your love.
My words are a hope and gratitude infusion to others.
My smile reveals the delight in Your gift.

Thank You for allowing me to have strong emotions
And teaching me to express them in the right measure,
At the right time, in the right way.

Karin Ristau ©



This just blows me away. You have the talents and know how to make words become prose. You should seriously consider publishing your work in a BOOK.

I also skimmed down a bit to catch up on your most recent posts...love the robin image you're using for your computer's wallpaper. And yes, Spring is so filled with the new birth that it should be here already....like yesterday.

My Monday Post if you'd like to stop by to visit...is:

Karen said...

I am also glad that God listens, no matter what shape I'm in! Praying that you will experience God's peace today.

Beck's Bulletin said...

I just love this...can I post it on my blog some time? It just expresses my emotional being so well!

Evi said...

Definitely having Abbi read your wise, wise words today! She needs to know how Oma goes through the same intensities that she does...and that she can have peace like you do

Glenda said...

Oh, Karen, this is priceless wisdom - so practical and relevant to all of us. Your words are truly inspired,and I need to read them again and again. My prayers are with you and your husband; I know that God is hiding you in the cleft of the Rock through your difficult times.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written, Karin. Wishing you both a restful evening.

Warren Baldwin said...

God made our emotions, so it is ok for us to have them! And it is good for us to acknowledge them, whatever they are. It is even healthy.

Good post.

Ann said...

Like Anni says, your poems are beautiful, how many have you written?

Are you thinking of publishing them?

Just Be Real said...

Powerful words Karin. Deep groanings. Blessings to you.

Marg said...

Your life has been so rich and I love hearing how you take the days and weeks as you deal with your own emotions and express them in poetry inspiring myself and many of your readers.

Anneliese said...

You have a gift to express your feelings. What would life be without them? This is so well written.