Draw me closer to you, dear Lord, I prayed
Search me and try me and transform me today.
I'm yours dear Lord, I submit my will.
Work in my life, I'll hold perfectly still.

Then you sent rejection by friends I loved dearly,
You moved my children so far away.
You took home my best friend, who knew my own heart.
You opened up wounds I thought hidden away.

My husband's illness added great stress.
Things at home weren’t the same anymore.
You took our house, the best one I've had.
My own health was changing as never before.

My father’s death rather suddenly,
Left unresolved memories which had me undone.
At work the boss wouldn't talk to me,
Because I spoke out against injustice to one.

I became weary and sorely depressed
And wondered how this could be?
With all these bad things happening now
I was sure YOU were drawing away from me.

On mountains high I wanted to stay
But I know, it’s in the valleys we grow.
So whether it’s mountains, or whether it’s valleys,
YOU will never leave me! This one thing I know!

Yes, YOU made every valley a blessing to me,
In which YOU graciously met every need!
The closeness we share with each other now,
Is a precious pearl of great value indeed!

Karin Ristau

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