Out of the blue and totally unexpected I was tagged by Lady Dorothy of Daffodil Dreams! I didn't know I was in the game, LOL! I'm not even sure I know what to do!

So here are my answers:

1. The older I get the more I have learned to come out of my shell. It doesn't come naturally. There are still some times and some people who discombobulate me. I don't know why!

2. If I'm stressed and overwhelmed I cry to release the inner tension. Once I've had a good cry I'm fine. I know, that's weird, nobody else does that!

4. As a young mom, whenever I felt anger rising for whatever reason, I always channeled my energy to either declutter the house, do the gardening, wash the car, organize the closets, redecorate or rearrange the furniture, wash the windows, re-organize the kitchen cupboards, or clean the garage. I'd be able to get into my zone, work off the building-up negative energy, focus on something else, and feel a great sense of satisfaction and achievement when I was done. Some weeks I had the cleanest house, closets, garage and the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood I'm sure! I felt it was better than blowing my stack and causing irreparable damage. Thankfully, I don't react that way any more! But I still love cleaning and keeping clean, organizing and keeping organized.

3. Infants died left and right in front of my mom's eyes as she fled her home during the war in Germany. She was homeless with me for one whole year. Why God chose me, a 3 month old, to live, and others to die is next to impossible to grasp.

4. I have never been able to ceremoniously tell someone off. When someone is rude to me, I just get this incredulous deer-in-the-headlights-stunned-look and my jaw drops and I'm at a loss for words. I think of a profound, amazing answer 2 days later. It's a weird, but probably very good thing!

5. Once upon a time, and only during our year and a half sabbatical stay in Kentucky, I made fantastic and delicious artesan bread and buns with YEAST from scratch. I've never made home-made bread since! Go figure!

6. I love liver!

7. I used to play the accordion, the flute, a comb with wax paper! I can tune a guitar and I still play hymns on the piano - not the new chorusses, or classical, contemporary, jazz or anything else. Just hymns! I've written simple songs - but need the notes to play them again! I translate music from English into German for someone with a solo ministry.

There, that's more than enough info! I feel that I've revealed far too much and more than anyone ever wanted to know! Now because I really don't know who has been a part of this before and who hasn't, if you happen to read this, consider yourself tagged! That means you Laurie, Doris, Betty and all you wonderful ladies in blogland.


Betty said...

This was great! First of all you are not alone in doing Nr. 2! Me too! Oh and Nr. 4...exactly what I do!
And you have not revealed too much. This way we get to know you better! I did this a couple of posts ago, so if you´re interested just go back and see. But I for sure don´t like liver! Uha!
Have a great day!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I always think of the best come backs days after the moment has passed! LOL

Thanks for visiting on my BAtW day! :)