You are the Lord’s anointed,
And you have been appointed
To feed and care for His very own sheep.
Because you’re His selection
He’ll work on your perfection,
With love everlasting, wide and deep.

He is the potter, you are the clay,
A perfect vessel you’ll be one day.
It won’t be long if you’ll hold still.
This process of designing,
Through which you may be whining,
Is done in His good and perfect will.

He seeks your stubbornness to break,
He knows the pressures you can take,
He waits ‘til you give HIM full control.
The changes He wants you to make,
His Spirit works on for your sake.
He’ll make you perfect and whole.

He’ll mold a little stronger,
He’s patient, He’ll wait longer.
He’s always there, you can be sure!
He’ll use each opportunity
To show you your dependency.
You’ll grow in HIM, in faith mature.

To be like Christ is your desire,
And may your spirit be on fire
As you follow wherever He leads.
Just keep your deep sense of gratitude,
With your loving and gracious attitude,
And the Lord will take care of your needs

Karin Ristau

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Betty said...

Very beautiful and very true!
Thank you for this!