How do I conquer the battles of life?
What do I do when there's discord and strife?
How do I cope when there's turmoil within?
When my soul's sad and my heart cannot sing?
Who is the source of my strength?

How do I juggle demands made on me?
Who, what and where should have priority?
How do I cope when my energy's faded?
When outlook and attitude seem somewhat jaded?
Who is the source of strength?

Where do I go to recharge my soul?
Find purpose in life, to be made whole?
How can I give, and, yes, keep on giving
To others, and make life worth living?
Who is the source of my strength?

My help comes from Jesus, God's precious Son!
Only through Him are all victories won!
His Spirit teaches, comforts and guides,
His Word is the truth in which I abide.
He is the only source of my strength.

I'm touched by His love, redeemed by His grace,
Renewed to keep giving just where I am placed.
To glorify Him is my heart's desire!
Through your Spirit, Lord, keep me on fire!
Yes, Christ is the source of my strength!

Karin Ristau


Natalie said...

So glad to have you visit! Your interpretation of the mirror was beautiful and most appropriate. Hope to see you again. You have a beautiful family!

Lindsey said...

Thank you for the Kindred Spirits poem, it was beautiful! And I'm not just saying that. :-) A kindred spirit is so much more than just a friend, and I think you hit the definition right on the head. :-)

Thanks for commenting!


Cathryn said...

Another beautiful poem, Karin.

Lord Bless, Cathy