Builder of Bridges
Preacher of Good News
Mender of Quarrels
A Man of Prayer.

Speaker at Funerals
Performer of Weddings
Devoted Father
Who’s always there.

His children submissive,
To others respectful.
This noble task
Is rewarding, exciting!

A good reputation
A gracious, kind host,
A sensible person
Not given to fighting.

Keeper of Confidences
Dignified, gentle,
Husband of one
A trusted, good friend.

A loyal disciple
An excellent teacher,
A dynamic leader
There’s just no end!

A humble servant
No lover of money,
Above reproach,
Of drink not a fan.

A man after God’s heart,
In faithful devotion
He serves His King!
He’s a prince of a man!

Karin Ristau


Mike said...

This is something every man should be trying for.

karin said...

Thanks for stopping by. I wrote this poem for all the many pastors who freely give their time to minister to the seniors at the place I work. We presented it in the form of a bookmark at a Clergy Appreciation Luncheon!