Colleen retired from her job as Recreation and Volunteer Services Manager on September 4, 2008! All the best my friend! I'm right behind you ~ my retirement date is September 11, 2008! All those years of teasing that we would leave together one day have come true! For her retirement party I wrote the following:

“I just handed in my retirement letter,”
She whispered to me and gave a big smile.
“I just can’t imagine this place without her!”
I sat there and let this sink in awhile.

Seventeen of my twenty-two years we worked together
Meeting hundreds of residents’ needs, wants, desires.
It’s really no secret ~ she was resident focused ~ a leader
Who everyone loves and admires.

Colleen is a GEM ~ someone who goes that extra mile ~
Willingly, cheerfully, always and every new day!
All for the dear folks at Shepherd’s Care.
She made a huge difference in her unique way.

She’s a bundle of energy; positive; radiant.
She leads with such common sense ~ that’s so rare.
Her respect and regard for others, a tremendous example.
A friend like Colleen is beyond compare.

Now she’s retiring! Excitement! Adventures!
A new chapter of life! A dream has come true!
A time to travel! Enjoying the family!
She never will lack for something to do!

We’re here today to wish you God’s best!
May every new day be better than any day past!
You will be missed! Thanks for all the great memories!
The years have flown by amazingly fast!

Let’s all keep in touch! Let’s celebrate life!
Let’s pray that there’ll always be staff like Colleen
To lovingly care for our fragile, frail, old.
Let’s trust that through all of us Christ will be seen.

Karin Ristau


McMahon Manifesto said...

Wow, congratulations and happy retirement! I guess you are now one day in to officially being a lady of leisure. Although, I remember when my mom first retired. It seemed she very quickly found a lot of things to do. What a lovely tribute you wrote for your co-worker.

karin said...

Thanks Laurie! I still can't believe that I am retired....I'm still so young, LOL!

Actually, I'm on a six week leave of absence and then will return to work part-time in whatever capacity to be decided yet. Being the manager of two manors - 150 units - and the manager of the homecare program as well - is a hugely responsible position. I learned a lot! I had terrific staff, but felt that I really wanted to slow down rather than keep going at a much faster pace than ever before!

Peter and I are enjoying a short vacation in Winnipeg with family. Thanks for stopping by!