Someone once said to me that
‘time will heal everything’.
Well, that’s a crock!!
Time heals nothing.
Time does not delete memories.

Time does not undo mistakes.

Time does not reduce the pain inflicted.

Time does not diminish the damage done.

Time will revisit
what has not been resolved

10 years, 20 years, or even 40 years later.

Time holds still for no one.

Time flies.

But my time is in God’s Hands!
Healing is not the result of time
but the natural result
of Christ's work in me.
Only an ever-present,
and awesomely gracious Heavenly Father
heals the wounded spirit of His precious child!
He makes His presence felt
through the healing touch
of a human hand.

He speaks
gracious and encouraging words
through the mouth of someone
who honestly cares.

He shows His good pleasure
through the eyes of someone
with a warm, genuine smile.

He affirms the value of His child
through the heartfelt hug of a friend.

He corrects behavior
and rebukes error lovingly
by speaking and revealing truth

through His Word
and His willing servants.

He shares the load
through the prayers
of concerned, caring friends.

He never leaves the wounded spirit alone,
always sending another to walk alongside.
This process of healing and growth
is not dependent on time.

He increases as my "I" decreases.
He heals the wounded spirit,
in His time,
in His way
and for His glory alone.

His divine purpose is achieved
through the wounds,
the struggles,
the pain
and the healing process.

The journey takes a lifetime
but lasts an eternity!

Karin Ristau


Cathy said...

An awesome poem ~ do you allow them to be pasted with your name at the bottom? It is a powerful one. ~ Blessings, Cathy in Kentucky

karin said...

Good to see you again Cathy! I do allow someone else to use my poetry to bless others. Please put my name and the copyright sign or the word 'copyright' right underneath. I've made some into bookmarks and given them away. When I spoke to a ladies group is used the poem WOW and they enjoyed receiving it. It thinks it is in my archives - probably for May.