On our trip through the prairies we saw many harvested wheat fields
receiving this treatment from the farmer.
This reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago.

Send your fire, Lord!
Like the controlled fire the farmer uses;
Bulldoze away the stubble,
deadwood and chaff of our life.
May our jealousies, gossip,
deceit and lies all go up in smoke,
Prepare our heart acre
so that the seed of Your Word
will bring fruit for eternity.

Send your fire, Lord!
Like the intense heat of the refiner’s furnace;
Get rid of the impurities,
burn away pride, fear, anger, and all manner of evil.
Transform us into the beautiful people you want us to be,
Shining as pure, unblemished gold,
reflecting Your glory.

Send your fire, Lord!
Like the powerful flame of the blow torch;
Cut through the man-made boundaries,
legalistic limitations,
and high walls we’ve erected.
Fuse in harmony, unity, and freedom all your people,
Men and women, parents and children,
That we would be one in the Spirit of love!

Send the fire, Lord!
Like the raging forest fire
that strikes with lightening swiftness;
Burn to the ground
all our self-centered lofty ideals
and reaching for the stars.
Bring forth the new growth,
the delicate flowers of love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control,
To adorn our renewed, rejoicing heart.

Let us be on fire for you Lord!
Like the crackling blaze of a campfire
Spending itself in giving warmth,
comfort, and cheer to family and friends,
Keeping at bay the perils of darkness
And those little pesky annoyances.
Refueled by the power of the Holy Spirit
to melt the icy,
soften the hard,
and warm the weary heart;
Seeing everyone beautifully reflected
in its golden glow.

Karin Ristau


Ginny said...

Well, I see that I have missed your last two posts before this! Sometimes the sidebar won't show someone's post for days, and a few others are having this problem, too. But I am all caught up now. The lake visit pictures are so good, my favorite is the first one with the beautiful trees! Love your fire photo and poem. I taught a lesson about God and fire, I believe that is his main characteristic. Some would say it is love, but God says many times that He is a God of fire. And fire is cleansing, and renewing, as we'll as damaging.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your poem, Karin. I enjoyed it and the photo and explanation of the farmer's practices.

Sandy said...

Wonderful message Karin! Yes, send your refining fire, Lord!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great message. I especially liked "melt the icy, soften the hard, and warm the weary heart."

pam said...

I always love your writings. "Refueled by the power of the Holy Spirit
to melt the icy,
soften the hard,
and warm the weary heart;"

Yes Lord, Yes!

Marlene said...

Once again you have captured the perfect word picture of God's truths. I really liked this one.

ellen b. said...

Beautiful and brave...

Shug said...

Wonderful words Karin...
I pray that God does send His re-fining fire to cleanse us all. You have a special talent that is beautiful...

Wendy said...

Nice poem, very powerful.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

......and you're a poet too!!! Wow. Incredible. I love the stanza ---"Refueled by the power of the Holy Spirit to melt the icy, soften the hard, and warm the weary heart".

Thanks for popping by yesterday for my Shadow Shot. Today's post is:

Macro Halloween Candle Holder...Eerie!!

HAVE A great WEEK!!

Nezzy said...

WoW girl, your talent is showin'!!! What a wonderful poet you are, your pose truly touched my heart and soul.

We just spent a week in Brownsville TX. on a workcation at my Moms and traveled through a very dry part of our great nation. States are sufferin and so are their animals.

God bless ya and have an extraordinary day sweetie!

BTW: You captured the burn~off perfectly!!!

George said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem with us. I especially like your last verse.

Glenda said...

Your poem so powerfully expresses our need for His purifying, cleansing, warming fire in our lives. God beautifully anoints your writing; thank you for being willing to share your poetry with us.

Nezzy said...

'just poppin' by to say 'howdy'!

God bless ya :o)

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Enjoyed my visit this afternoon. Lovely to catch up with you!

Yes... send the fire.... I love the phrase "transform us into the beautiful people you want us to be"


pam said...

I added a link for my pinterest site on my blog.

Pam said...

Your poem reflects a yearning in my own heart to be refined by God. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
Pam at

Linda said...

Refining Fire is needed...yet we seldom ask for it. This poem is so good Karin. You are such a good writer.

Send your Fire Lord!
Work your will in each of our lives.