What awards will there be for you and for me
Because of the many good works that we do?
Will there be jewels if our motives are pure?
With the crown we receive, what will we do?

We know that good works will not get us to heaven
Our salvation is through Christ’s death on the cross.
Through God’s Word we know that our perfect redemption
Was God’s gift of grace to a world, loved but lost.

What we have deserved we will not receive ~
Because HIS mercy and love are beyond compare.
We’ve submitted to HIM in this journey called Life
It’s in HIM that we live and HIS righteousness wear.

Just like trophies or rings or even gold medals
Can be won by those who compete in a race
There are also rewards for every believer
Who chose to do right in decisions they faced.

Greater than any awards, praise or glory
Will be Christ’s words, “Servant, well done.”
So let’s live our lives just to honor His Name.
God knows all our good works, each and every one.

When our race is ended, we’ve endured and been faithful,
As we stand before God at HIS awesome throne,
The jeweled crowns we receive ~ we will throw at His feet;
For honor, glory and praise belong to Jesus alone!

Karin Ristau ©

1 comment:

Glenda said...

I like that mental image . . . jeweled crowns lying at His feet. Maybe we'll have to scoot some aside to sit at His feet and talk face-to-face! That'll be reward enough!