Here they are ~ our 9 grandangels with their parents. We enjoyed a delicious barbecue and had lots of fun and good fellowship together. Everyone cooperated for the traditional photo shoot and the pics turned out great. We're a casual, relaxed family who love each other very much ~ whether we are near or far or even living in the same apartment for a while. Everyone learns how to give a little or sometimes give a lot; sacrificing for one another. We can get into deep discussions of faith or lots of good natured fun and laughter. We support, encourage and even bug each other. It will be fun to watch how the young ones grow up and change from year to year. Hopefully us older folks will grow more gracious and generous with our love as we age. God has blessed us abundantly and for that we are thankful!!!


Angela said...

It was fun to have everyone together again.... doesn't happen very often! Hopefully we can do this more often over the years!

karin said...

I'm still dreaming of all of us going to a wonderful vacation destination together. At first I thought a Bible Camp ~ but they are getting terribly expensive. Maybe somewhere pretty in the mid-west. But you had all better hurry - dad and I ain't getting any younger.