It's Father's Day this month and I would like to re-post from June of 2008!

Almost everywhere in today’s media, men are being insulted, humiliated or dishonoured. Some commercials make men look like they can’t take care of their children or even know how to run a simple household appliance. Quick wit and good humour are appreciated, but these are neither funny, quick nor witty. I dislike it when men are made to look like macho morons or wimps, fools, and losers. Recently a single mom explained how awkward she felt when even a group of Christian women paraded their husband’s ‘flaws’ for everyone’s amusement.

One professor asked two teams, one of men, one of women students to write down their team’s strengths and weaknesses and then the other team’s strengths and weakness. What one team perceived as their strengths, the other team saw as their weaknesses. When the men claimed they were intellectual, level-headed and logical, the women cried, “That’s the trouble with you, you are emotionally absent.” When the women’s team reported that their strength was to be in tune emotionally, the men shouted, “That’s the trouble with you, you are too emotional and introspective, you need to think with your head not your heart.”

In this fallen world, can we ever expect that men and women will treat each other with dignity, respect, love, appreciation and celebrate their lives together? We have all been created in the image of God. We are joint and mutual heirs to God’s grace. We are children of God and messengers of the Great Commission. We are called to exercise our spiritual gifts together for the building up of the Body of Christ. We are equal to one another and individually responsible to God. Our differences are what complement, balance and complete each other as men and women. Christian men and women must lead the way in mutual respect, honour, friendship and appreciation. We need each other’s perspective and love to grow! What an awesome team we make!

I thank God for all the men in my life who by their integrity, purity, generosity, gentleness, and godliness have clearly influenced my walk of faith. Perfect? Not a one. Neither are we as women! Yet they are “men of God, not men of fraud,” as someone aptly said. I have a deep abiding gratitude to God for my grandfather with his joyous disposition; my father - a good provider; my husband - a man of faith and the love of my life; my son - diligent student of God’s Word and loving hubby and family man; uncles, one in particular, whose sermons and poetry I still recall; fathers in Christ who are men of prayer and sage advice; brother, cousins, nephews with whom to share camaraderie and who dare to challenge and confront; sons-in-law who serve the Lord and love my daughters and grand-angels; colleagues and brothers-in-Christ who don’t fear open, honest, deeper level conversations; pastors who take time to pray, mentor, care, disciple and preach The Word, and many male friends whose lives demonstrate the joy of the living Lord into my life. Each one God’s unique gift to me!

This Father’s Day, why not thank God once again for all the men He has ordained to influence, inspire, support, challenge and encourage your life! We are co-inheritors of the Kingdom who are empowered to serve and love God and one another.


Laurie M. said...

A wonderful post. It is sad that women have come to be viewed as the responsible, competent, and capable ones in our society. When we behave like men, relieving them of their place and responsibility, men tend to abdicate their roles and behave like little boys - at least that's how it appears to me.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Well said!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is neat, Karin... I have alot of men in my life (with 2 brothers and 3 sons) in addition to my Dad and my Sweetheart... They are all very very special!!!!

Are you home now---or did you post from British Columbia????? Hope you had or are having a great trip.


Billy Coffey said...

I really appreciate this post, Karin. Amen and amen!

Karabeth said...

I hate it when women gripe about their husbands and/or when husbands gripe about their wives. It never seems an appropriate topic of conversation outside of a counseling session.

I feel blessed to have a godly, loving father, father-in-law, and husband. My sons-in-law are not bad either. :)

I'm prayerful that the Bear will grow up to be a godly leader of his own home someday, too. Just think. Some young lady somewhere is depending upon my efforts! Yikes!

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

Smart of you to have noticed. Clever of you to tackle.

I do not find that insulting and dishonoring men to be a humorous thing. It's not funny, and its not based upon reality, and it is demeaning, and I have a son, and I would never want him to see himself in the image of something that can be ridiculed.

Women and men aren't here on the world for the reason of proving which sex is better.

McMahon Manifesto said...

Great post, Karin!