Well, here he is...the father of our most recent grandson, when he was a little guy! Evi over at Keeping Up With Yesterday talked about her memories while we lived in Louisville, KY, and reminded me of the crafts I used to make. Wow, that's so long ago! Here's a photo of quite a few completed projects that I used as gifts. Our son Ken giving my work a grade.

I've always loved flowers and other natural things with which to make crafts that looked good but didn't break our student budget. With the pressed flowers I made greeting cards and bookmarks. During the years we lived in Wyben, MA, my friends taught me how to make pine cone wreaths. That Christmas many on my gift list received a handmade wreath for their door. Then came pine cone candleholders, plaques, and teardrop wallhangings. Later I also worked as a Recreation Attendant where I could use my craft skills to make beautiful silk-flower arrangements, centrepieces and door decorations. The residents loved watching. We would chat and reminisce while I worked and created things that they might have made when they were younger. I valued their input and suggestions. Those crafts would then be sold at the Christmas Craft and Gift Sale to raise funds for the Recreation Department. Those were the days!

I don't do those crafts anymore. Perhaps in my retirement I'll start them up again. Although when I visit the grandchildren and go for walks with them, I still pick up pinecones, seed pods and pretty grasses ~ it must be in my blood!

Meanwhile, I'm writing personal poetry and prayers to honor and glorify the Lord. I'll put one up for Mother's Day.


Evi said...

Don't forget all the wreaths and arrangements you made for our wedding as well...I will never forget that as well.

Angela said...

That is an awesome picture! Ken used to be so cute! :oP
I always thought your dried flower pictures were so pretty. You definitely have an eye for decoration.... must be where I get it from! And Evi too.... we are all so talented! I will concede that you and Evi have a slight bit more of a knack for decorating than I have.... not that we're comparing or anything. I'm just glad that you have enjoyed all your various creative expressions over the years!