That's it!

Evi is keeping up with yesterday and Tim is catching up with tomorrow. Interesting concepts - both. I wasn't sure what to name this blog - Karin's Chronicles? Nah. Thinking too deeply? Oh okay, for now. Well, that title lasted not even one day. This morning I woke up and looked at the beautiful plaque that has hung over our bed since Peter and I got married. It's in German, in a special script, burnt into wood, with other artistic embellishments. It is a Scripture verse that has brought joy and comfort to us over the four + decades of marriage. JESUS CHRIST, the same yesterday, today and forever! That's it! While I don't live in the past, YESTERDAY, I love to go down memory lane to visit. I live in the present, TODAY, and experience everything it has to offer. I look towards the future, TOMORROW, with hope and great anticipation for someday I will live FOREVER with my Savior, Lord and King - JESUS. He is the ONE who was and is and is to come - the great I AM! Meanwhile I will share my thoughts....deep or otherwise.


Evi said...

I knew you'd come up with something to tie us all together. That is your job as my mom anyhow isn't it?!
I like it.

karin said...

Well, girl, you got me started. Thanks for all your support. This is fun. At first one doesn't even know what to post though. It's probably too ambitious to try to post every day although I am on the computer daily. Now we need to get Angela to start her own and for Ken to continue on his or give the job to Melissa!