Winter's start date is supposed to be
December 21st every year. 
I think Winter didn't get the
memo and came early - again!

There's already more snow
than what is on the photo!
Snow-removal equipment was here
yesterday afternoon to clear the
parking lot - so we could get out.

It has been gloomy and overcast 
for the past 3 weeks already
with only the occasional 
peak-a-boo by the sun. 

Can you tell I need sunshine?????

I am THANKFUL for our lovely view
through all the seasons of the year, 
but  Lord, please help me cope with winter!


ellen b. said...

Oh my...you really have a crop of snow for sure. Lord, send Karin some sunshine...

Betsy Adams said...

Winter seems to be coming fast to so many places, Karin... We had some cold weather last weekend --but this week has been fairly nice.

Great pictures... I am one of those crazy people who LOVE winter... It's the time that I can work on our Family History--which I love to do and don't have time for the rest of the year!!!


Mari said...

It's really beautiful, but I'm not ready for it. Hoping you get some sunshine soon!

Anonymous said...

It truly looks beautiful but I know it makes getting around treacherous. It is 79 here in GA and John is across the street helping a neighbor repair a boat seat.
Wishing you both a blessed weekend.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The snow is beautiful,but it does make life a little more difficult. We had a good layer as well.It is still clinging to the trees.

pam said...

I like sunshine but I LOVE cloudy days. Our daughter moved to Colorado and she has already had two snows. We had none last year but I'm hopeful for this year to see some of the pretty white stuff falling during the day. I have several friends like you. One even got some kind of special lamp....it makes her happy to sit by it and SOAK in the light. May He reveal Himself to you in new ways this winter...joy!

George said...

We've had cold weather, but not the snow. Hopefully winter will provide some sunny days for you to highlight the beautiful view you have.

Jedidja said...

Winter? No, here in Holland its fall. No snow only rain. God holds the seasons into His hand.How dreary and cold the days are ... He can give you warmt en love throughout the long winter. Dear hug

Wendy said...

Too early for winter! Ha -but it's cold here too. No snow yet.
Your pics are lovely, but I hear you. Let's keep the snow away a little longer. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

Karen said...

Those are really beautiful views. Sorry you are having to go through the bad weather. Take care.

Crystal Mary said...

I think snow is beautiful and looks so pretty in photos. I saw it when I lived in TN for a few years.
I live back in the tropics in Australia again, so only get to see these lovely scenes on the net. We can't have everything can we? You are going into winter while we quickly approach summer. With not much rain so far this year, we may have Bush fires.. Hope not. Blessings to you.

Marlene said...

It's pretty but way too soon!

Valerie said...

such a beautiful view!