A to Z about me

Liked this list of questions over at
Betty's place, A Glimpse into mid-life.

Age – LXVI

Bed size – KING

Chore you hate – Ironing – avoid it as much as possible!

Dogs – a stuffed one named Puddles who lives with one of the grandgirls now.

Essential start of your day – shower, breakfast and then devotions with hubby

Favorite color – any shade of purple

Gold or silver – still love my gold rings and a few necklaces

Height –5’8” in my youth but have probably shrunk by now!

Instruments I play (or have played) – Recorder in my youth; was given 3 months of accordion lessons and learned to play for the church music group on my own; piano – self taught, definitely not by ear; organ – self taught; can tune a guitar but not play it.

Job title – Volunteer Services Manager/Recreation Attendant for 20 yrs.; then Manager of two independent housing apartments and Homecare Coordinator of both; then retired and now Pastoral Care Assistant – all for the same organization.

Kids – Two daughters, one son, two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law and 9 grands!!

Live – in Canada after moving here from the old country – Germany - in the last century  - ’54 to be exact!

Mom’s name – Erna. Hey, what about dad’s name?  Heinrich

Nickname – don’t have one – oh, unless I can use what hubby calls me – HONEY!

Overnight hospital stays – Gallbladder surgery; three maternity stays; one miscarriage stay; knee surgery; heart arrhythmia.

Pet peeve – people who complain ALL the time!

Quote from a movie – "There’s no place like home!”

Right or left-handed – Right

Siblings – I have a younger brother and a younger sister. Though they will always be younger than me, they are much older now than they used to be.  Laughing out loud – my silliness is leaking through!

Time you wake up – more often than not I awake at 5:55 – I kid you not!
Underwear – Always cotton and boring white or boring black!

Vegetable you dislike – just can’t think of one – possibly gumbo!

What makes you run late – It would be highly unusual for either one of us to ever be late. I know that it is fashionable, but I feel it is not respectful of the other person’s time.  So, if I’m late start worrying and send a search party!

X-rays you have had done – chest, abdominal, ankle, back.  Maybe I should have had my head examined too!

Yummy food you make – Beef Rouladen – my family’s fav!

Zoo animal – Last time I was in a zoo the kids were youngsters! I do love watching all animal shows on National Geographic – does that count?

Thanks Betty!


Doris Sturm said...

Karin, das war sehr interessant...I love finding out more about my fellow bloggers...I am with you about the Rouladen - mmmmm - even though I don't eat beef anymore, I'd make an exception for those, that and Sauerbraten - I love that too....

Ich wuensche Dir und Deiner Familie noch ein schoenes Wochenende und vieles schoenes Wetter ;-) es ist sehr windig heute, aber ich liebe es weil da die Muecken nicht so arg beissen ;-)

Bis bald,

pam said...

What a fun list. I am SO WITH YOU on ironing....it is my least favorite of ANYTHING. And my hubby laughs at how many shades of purple paint exist in our home. Purple is so full of life. Hope your weekend is grand!

Betty said...

I enjoyed this. Sometime you learn more from a person with these meme´s.
The Rouladen sound good. And you are tall. Must be the german roots. :)

Glenda said...

I enjoyed learning more about you, Karin . . . fun, informative post!

Wendy said...

I'm with you on the ironing! Never did like it.
This was fun!

Marsha Young said...

That was an interesting list. And I admire your willingness to "put it all out there". That just isn't something I do much of.

But I must admit, I actually enjoy ironing. I find it relaxing. Go figure. ..Marsha

Ginny said...

I learned some things about you that I don't know!!! I'm with you in not liking constant complainers, and gumbo!!! I also didn't know you had knee surgery! I am in a wheelchair quite a bit now because my knee is so bad. I have a cane and walker at home. Did you have both knees done?

Marg said...

I agree, I love finding out more about our blogging friends. I found some similarities..Beef rouladen, music lessons,underwear. It's obviously a fun thing to do.

Ron Joe White said...

Pet peeve – people who complain ALL the time!

ME TOO! Unless I'm the one doing the complaining :-)

Shug said...

I think this is a great post and I think it would be a wonderful thing for us all to do...a good way to get better accquainted with those we visit each day. I would be all for it, especially since you
don't have to list your WEIGHT!

Marlene said...

I love this idea. Will have to borrow it sometime. It is nice getting to know you better.

Ann said...

Thanks Karin,

Now I think I know you well.

You are clever to self teach the musical instruments, which I am useless.

So you are a bereaved mum too.


Capri K said...

"Pet peeve – people who complain ALL the time!"

ME TOO!!!!

Marlene mentioned your blog to me yesterday at church. You seem like a lovely woman!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I do NOT like complainers either. They're irksome to put it kindly. And as for gumbo...is it the okra? I can't eat okra myself. Slimy. LOLOLOL Love the quote you thought of too. There IS no place like home.

First of the Amaryllis Blooming

Karin said...

Yes, Anni, I think gumbo is made from okra - slimy - ewwwwwwwww! I gave it an honest try once - but simply gagged, lol!

Karin said...

Welcome Capri! Thanks for commenting! God bless!

George said...

Thanks for sharing these A to Z facts about you. I was interested to see that we share the same pet peeve.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Karin, I love reading about your A-Z list..... Those always make me know more about a person...

Did you know that I am a 'lefty'????? I am.... We also have a KING bed...Love it.

Back from vacation --trying to catch up a little!!!!

Melissa said...

This was fun to read! ;-) Maybe I'll borrow it for my blog too??? Did you come up with it or borrow it from someone/somewhere else?

Karin said...

Hi Mel, welcome!! The set of questions I 'acquired' from a blogfriend. Sometimes there's a link back, but I didn't do that. This meme is making the rounds. Help yourself!

Brenda Leyland said...

A fun list... noticed you like beef rouladen... a family favorite here too!