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to view paintings depicting happenings leading up to Easter
"A very large crowd 
spread their cloaks on the road, 
while others cut branches 
from the trees and spread them on the road. 
The crowds that went ahead of him 
and those that followed shouted,
“Hosanna to the Son of David!” 
“Blessed is he who comes 
in the name of the Lord!” 
“Hosanna in the highest heaven!” 
Matth. 21:8...
Wonder what thoughts 
were in each heart
as they attended this parade,
jostling for a good place to see,
joining in with gathering crowd mentality,
waving and spreading branches,
possibly a time honored tradition...
  "On the first day you are to take 
branches from luxuriant trees
—from palms, willows and other leafy trees—
and rejoice before the LORD your God 
for seven days."
Leviticus 23:40 

Whatever expectations of Jesus
each one had in his heart,
Jesus himself set out to follow 
only the expectations of His Father.
His purpose and mission for coming,
fulfilling ancient prophecy
by riding on a colt,
was to die
so that you and I may live
and enjoy His salvation forever!

Be renewed in your spirit
during this special season!


ellen b. said...

It really is amazing what He laid down for us...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Easter and the days leading up to it are so meaningful.If it were not for Easter we would have no hope beyond the grave.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karin, I love Palm Sunday... I may have told you that the children in our church carry palms up and down the isle while the congregation sings Hosanna... It's so special..

We also wear little Palm Crosses. It's a special day!!!!!!

HOSANNA to the Highest.

Ginny said...

The disciples expectations were surely not what they got!! Can you imagine going through all this without the N.T.? Not knowing...and many were expecting a king, the surprise of a lifetime is what they all got, no, the surprise of the universe.

Marlene said...

I like to call this "soul talk." We need to remember in our very souls what Jesus did for us and that his ONLY purpose in coming was to save us from our sin and give us eternal life. This was such a good reminder!

Douglas Dahl said...

Nice Post. Thanks for sharing. I do wonder what people who were there must have been thinking as Jesus came into Jeruselum.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I've given you the Kreativ Blogger Award!


George said...

I'm a little late in getting here, but I want to thank you for a wonderful start to Holy Week. The paintings -- and your thoughts -- are beautiful.

Karen said...

Lovely post, Karin...

Shug said...

Your post was wonderful..Every single word spoke directly to my heart. Thanks Karin.