Spring is finally arriving in our part of the world!

Had a lovely drive through the countryside 
to the southern end of the province to visit
our daughter and family for Easter!

Congratulations to our son-in-law Tim
on becoming Principal at a Christian School!
He had been on one year teaching contracts for a while,
necessitating several major moves with the family –
to Central Manitoba, Southern Manitoba,
Central Alberta, Southern Alberta
and now a move to Northern Alberta starting Aug. 1/2011.
We wish them well. Now for a great place to live there!

So glad I got to visit them in every place that he worked –
sometimes in the summer months
yet other times in the bitter winter!
Over the years they’ve had interesting and challenging times
that God brought them through and have loving friends everywhere.

Their 4 children have grown quite close
and interact very well together –
as do most siblings, lol!! I’m so blessed
to watch them grow and mature!
It’s always been such a joy.
Listening to them sing together as we’re driving
home was a highlight this time!

So proud of daughter Evi who is in the middle of studies to become a Registered Massage Therapist! I had my first massage from her and she did a fantastic job! I could handle that twice a week for sure! Presently she still works with special needs children –
who will truly miss her!

Enjoyed an outing with the grandchildren on Good Friday– 
stopped at a local greenhouse to enjoy the flowers!

Saw a gazillion wasps in the tree out front! 
Seems because the season is late
they were amazingly busy, busy, busy – a steady hum.

Heading back home tomorrow – it’s a 6 hour trip! 
Do miss hubby when we’re not together!

Praising the Lord for His love and mercy, 
which is new every morning!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Lovely post.Time with the grandchildren is always special.Have a wonderful day.BTW,I was at the English Gardens,Ft.Whyte and St.Vital Park on Sunday.These places are familiar to you,I believe.A post from here coming soon.

"Gram" said...

Ah! I love the pictures of the beautiful flowers.

So glad you enjoyed your visit. Have a safe trip home!

Shug said...

Well Karin...sounds like good things are going on for your family...congratulations to your son-in-law. God cares about every single aspect in our lives. I am a big believer that we need to teach our children to seek God for their future and especially their jobs. Congrats to your daughter as well...I sure could use a massage right about now...
Hope the rest of your week goes well

Anonymous said...

Such a joyful post and praising the Lord for his many blessings. Have a safe trip home.

Doris Sturm said...

Glad to hear your family is doing well...what a pretty grand daughter you have there ;-)

I enjoy looking at plants and flowers too! It's quite windy today and I hope my sunflowers make it. I've already had to support a few because they were leaning too much - we can only hope!

Have a great day, Karin, und vielen Dank fuer Deinene Besuch auf meinen blog heute :-)

Alles Gute,
Doris und Gizzy!

Ginny said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit! So your son got the job of his dreams? How wonderful!

Mari said...

Congrats to your son-in-law. Glad you were able to spend time with family and enjoy your grandkids!

ellen b. said...

Lots of blessings here for sure. Oh how I'd love to have one of Evi's massages right about now!! Blessings as you continue to enjoy your family...

George said...

It sounds as if you had a wonderful visit with children and grandchildren. Congratulations to your son-in-law on the new job. Have a safe trip back home.

Marlene said...

Lovely pictures and don't you just LOVE time with the grandchildren. I would love to have a massage therapist in the family!

*The Old Geezer said...

It sounds like you and the Lord did a good job raising your children. And now your being a Godly influence on your grandchildren. PTL :-)

Take care and have a great weekend :-)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karin, So glad you have had a nice visit with the family. I'm sure you enjoyed being with the grandchildren...

Congrats to your son-in-law for getting a great job. You'll have to visit them sometime in their new home in Northern Alberta.

Great pictures... Be careful going home.

Nancy said...

Oh I love your flower pictures, we long for spring here it has been a very rainy April. Found you through Mari.

Karen said...

Enjoyed reading about your blessings...the pictures are lovely...

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Congratulations to Tim for his new job. That's great!

I wouldn't mind getting a massage either... ahhh.... especially after this busy month with the A to Z challenge.

Karin, thanks for following my stories, and for your kind comments. I guess I am getting ready to the next step of editing and publishing the collection, as encouraged by you and other friends.

It has been an exciting experience.



Valerie @ Intelligent Expressions said...

Karin - sounds like you have been greatly blessed with a wonderful family! Praising the Lord right along with you!