Our freebie table in the basement lobby! It’s a place where the tenants of our building can place things that they don’t need, that someone else may still enjoy. First come, first gone. I’ve put so much on there already, but the other day I found a beautiful, strong, sturdy box which I’m sure one of my girls will love to have. Isn’t it lovely? 
I've seen folks take a grocery cart full of stuff, 
put it in their storage unit  
and I think in the spring they host a garage sale at their son's place.

A favorite chorus: “Freely, freely, you have received. 

Freely, freely give.  
Go in my Name and because you believe, 
others will know that I live.”

Oldest granddaughter turning 16! Lots of family fun going for lunch and sharing a big birthday cake in the evening! Way back in the day I thought 50 was young to be a grandmother! Now our 42-year old daughter can’t believe she has a 16 year old already!

Oh, the memories that flood when looking at old family photos 

– oh my!! 
Need to sort those and scan them someday 
– yup, someday.

Brass ensemble at church yesterday – 

beautiful smooth tones of traditional hymns! 
Didn’t want it to end.

Knowing I can leave all my anxieties at the cross. Yesterday’s comment from the pastor, “Lord, I prayed and told you all my cares. Why do I still feel so bad?” 

“Yes, my child, you brought them to the cross and yes, you prayed, 
but when you left you took the bundle with you again!”

A sense of humor! 

Here’s a quote for you: 
“I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles.” 
G. K. Chesterton

My cane – with an ice pick on the bottom! Ever since my knee surgery I hate walking when the streets are icy or snow packed. Hauled out my cane yesterday and it definitely helped me to feel more secure and steady on my feet. Don’t need to fall and have a broken hip!

Still cold and miserable outside - 
although the sun is trying to peak through! 

My fabulous warm winter leather jacket! Have not needed a new coat in 15 years. Would never have believed it. I used to get a new winter coat every other year!

Enjoying my day off – going back to work tomorrow. 


ellen b. said...

Oh now that's a lot of snow for sure. A cane with an ice pick...that's genius. My parents senior apartments have a table for people to leave stuff on, too. Have a great week Karin. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

Glenda said...

Where have the years gone? Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! Enjoy your family time!

Your posts always lift my heart!

pam said...

Up in the city there is a Conservatory and at our favorite Christmas concert they have a Trombone ensemble. Never would I have thought that all trombones could sound so good. My husband LOVES brass instruments...they sound so heavenly. Hope your week is grand!

George said...

Thanks for sharing another wonderful list.
I know what you mean about old family photos. I'm trying to get photos and slides scanned, but it's a slow process. I also love brass ensembles at church services.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karin, Love seeing all of your 'thankful' thoughts... I love that "Freely,Freely" chorus also.. Love hearing the brass ensembles... WOW!!!

Happy 16th birthday to your granddaughter.... That is a special year...

Have a wonderful day.. Glad you are using that cane when it's icy/snowy.

Marg said...

Thanks for those encouraging words.
Those grandchildren do grow up so fast..and we don't want to miss a day.
I love that quote from your's so true.
Take care, don't's raining again.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I have a 21 year old grandson...who, by the way, the pediatricians told our daughter that he wouldn't live over 5. Guess he showed them!! Enjoy, fun. And have a piece of cake for me too, will ya?

That box is fantastic. Very very pretty. Victorian looking.

Bernie said...

It is nice the sun is shining though......:-)Hugs

Mari said...

I love the idea of your table to share things from. The box you got is pretty.
Happy Birthday to your grand daughter!

Ginny said...

Quite a few things here that I didn't know about you! I love the idea of the free table!! I didn't know you had knee surgery, do you really have an ice-pick on your cane? And I would like to know what kind of jacket that is! I love the little poem about our anxieties!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to granddaughter! They do grow so quickly, don't they?
Wow - that is a lot of snow!!Keep warm!!
Oh, I love that box. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say "hi" and to wish you a nice weekend. Wow, a sixteenth birthday for your granddaughter - hope it was grand.

Lady Dorothy said...

I was 47 when I first became a grandmother and by the time this year is over, I will have 17 grandchildren!

And boy, do I need to sort through pictures! All those boxes are overwhelming!