No, seriously, it didn't snow two feet or 24 inches!  
Today we got 20 centimeters (almost 8 inches!)
and it is still snowing. 
Don't know what our total snowfall is since the start of winter!
I think I don't want to know, lol!
There is a deep freeze coming on Monday!


Here is a poem God gave me years ago
during someone's friendship crisis. 
Hope it blesses you!


Yes, my child, those are tears in my eyes!

When I call you both my dearest friends

Yet you refuse to be friends with each other,

Withdrawing all previously given generous affections,

I weep.

When I’ve extended to you a wealth of understanding,

But you have no understanding for each other,

Rather ascribe to each other wrong motives,

I weep.

When I’ve been gracious to you through someone,

And you cannot possibly be gracious in return,

Rather see each other in the worst light possible,

I weep.

When I have forgiven you all your sins,

Yet you hold against the other just one transgression,

And refuse to fully restore the relationship.

I weep.

When I fill your heart with love for someone

But you decline to share that love out of fear,

Denying it and even lying about its very existence,

so that is appears like hate,

I weep.

When I give you the gift of relationship to people

And you are too proud to accept what I have given,

Allowing the evil one to put an unholy wedge between you,

I weep.

When I see that you can’t even learn to like

Someone I died for and truly love,

And you stubbornly refuse

to share open, honest conversation,

I weep.

When I ask you to befriend one of the least of these,

And you reject the assignment; then I see your heart,

Your pride, your jealousy, your stubbornness and

I weep.

Yes, my child, those are tears in my eyes!

Karin Ristau©


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

All I can say is,'Lord I don't want to put tears in Your eyes'.

Ginny said...

Your poem really says it all!! Very affecting. hope you don't get any more snow! Ours is coming Monday night.

Linda said...

Very moving poem Karin! I love how a poem can speak what our heart feels but our mouth can't always relay.

And I'm sure we as humans break the Lord's heart with our unforgiveness towards each other.

Love, Linda

Jan said...

Often people post poems that we have seen time and time again, and while it is very pleasant to re-read them, it is an absolute joy to see a new poem of such depth and understanding.

Thank you for sharing,
Love, Jan

NCmountainwoman said...

Very moving. We're expecting another huge storm with lots of snow followed by sleet and ice. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, Very thought provoking. Wishing you many blessings in the week ahead.

ellen b. said...

very powerful Karin. You have a gift with words...

Wendy said...

Very moving. Sadly we can't make people do what we want.

Love that snowflake! But I'm sure you'd rather not have all that snow.

Lady Dorothy said...

*sigh* If only our hearts would break with the things that break God's heart.

You said it well. Very profound.

Bernie said...

Would love to use your beautiful poem in a post Karin, relating to the shootings in AZ. May I? I will identify where I got it from, xo