Proverbs has such practical sayings.
I love reading them and letting the wisdom and advice sink in.
Just a few excerpts.......

Ill-gotten gain has no lasting value,
Right living can save your life.

Hatred stirs up quarrels,
Love covers all offenses.

People who wink at wrong cause trouble,
a bold reproof promotes peace.

Trust in your money and down you go!
The godly flourish like leaves in spring.

The wise are glad to be instructed,
Babbling fools fall flat on their faces.

People who accept correction are on the pathway to life,
Those who ignore it will lead others astray.

The godly give good advice,
Fools are destroyed by their lack of common sense.

Your own soul is nourished when you are kind,
You destroy yourself when you are cruel.

Everyone admires a person with good sense,
A warped mind is despised.

Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren,
The sinner’s wealth passes to the godly.

Godliness exalts a nation,
Sin is a disgrace to any people.

We can make our plans,
The Lord determines our steps.


ellen b. said...

Love it!

Ginny said...

Great bible advice, no if's and's or BUT'S about it!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks,this was a sermon in itself. Wise words.

Lady Dorothy said...

Ah, a Proverb a day keeps the foolishness away!

Mari said...

There's a lot of wisdom in those buts!

Valerie said...

How many times I use the word "BUT" - not with a positive retort!

Love Proverbs. One of my first memorized scriptures or 3:5 and 6. My Grandpa (who died in 1978) wrote it in my autography book (do you remember those?) Everytime I page thru it - I remember the moment when he took the book and wrote. So thankful God blessed me with grandparents who were such faithful servants.

George said...

What a wonderful post full of wisdom and good advice. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Linda said...

Karin...I love these proverb sayings. What version did they come from? So much truth!

I always say there is an answer to every situation if we will just look to God's Word.

Have a great Lord's Day!


Karin said...

@ Linda - If I remember correctly I think these are from the New Living Translation. In the first one I think 'gain' can also be 'treasures'.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Great Proverbs to share with us! Thank you, loved them all!!

Coreen xoxoxo

pam said...

"It's so hard to ride out the storm but in time the Lord will speak to the storm! "....your comment spoke to me Karin...thank you. Isn't that cool that He can speak to the storm...so good to remember.

Sandy said...

"Trust in your money and down you go!
BUT, The godly flourish like leaves in spring."

After a weekend of too much financial focus, I needed this thump on the head! Thanks, Karin!

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Such beautiful, truthful, biblical couplets! Thanks for the scriptural reminders.