On Dec. 5, 2010 we had the biggest snowfall
in six years - 16 cm. - 6.5 inches!
Yesterday, January 8, 2011
we had 30 cm. more - that's about a foot!

Not sure why the police was called
to an apartment in the building
across the way. 
But they got stuck.

There was also an ambulance
yesterday and today.

When I managed two manors
we had to call police several times.
One of our residents accused
a staff of stealing.
After several months the resident
came to my office in tears
apologizing profusely
about what shame she had
caused the wonderful staff.
The resident had
found her money - but
in a different purse -
one she had not used
since the previous fall.
I had not fired the staff
because I knew of her
integrity and respect for seniors.

Another time one of our residents
became violent with one of our staff.
He mistook her for an intruder
even though she called out to him 
in a very friendly voice
as usual.
Family was called.
Resident was taken to the doctor.
A geriatric assessment was updated.
Medications were changed.
Staff never entered his apartment
alone again - as a precautionary measure.
He had a long and very good
stay with us.

Another time someone passed
away during the night
and foul play had to be ruled out.
It was determined to be natural causes.

Another time death was ruled a suicide.
So sad, no prior indications were
noticed by family or staff.

A most beautiful homegoing was that
of a good friend's mother.
Sunday, as was her custom, she put on her best,
had a good cup of coffee with her toast,
put the dishes in the sink,
and just lay down on her sofa until
it was time to go to church
in our center.
As per daily apartment check,
there was no answer at her door.
Staff used the master key after several knocks
and found that the resident had gone on
to worship at the feet of Jesus!

Had all these memories just because
a police car and ambulance
were across the way!

A little muscle and good teamwork of 
friendly neighbors 
and the cruiser was on its way.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Memories are so can never tell just what will trigger a memory.Thanks for sharing yours.

Mari said...

Wow - you've really got some snow! The pictures of the police car are funny. You don't often see them stuck!
We've had some interesting stories with residents too. I enjoyed reading yours.

Valerie said...

Amazing how one little thing can trigger such a flood of memories!

What a challenging job you have! I did volunteer work at a nursing home shortly after High School graduation (my sister was interning as an occupational therapist). we had so much fun with the residents. There is just so much to learn from older generations - they have so much to share - if we only take the time to listen!

Hope you have a great week ahead!

Ginny said...

Each a very good story in it's own right. I bet there are lots more you could tell, too.

Bernie said...

We never forget Karin, the good or the bad. Only God has that power but we can forgive. You have both good and bad memories as we all do my friend.....:-)Hugs

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Interesting how things which happen can trigger memories... With all of that snow, I'm glad you are safe INSIDE....

We are supposed to get snow tomorrow---LOTS of it.. Will it happen??? Who knows????? ha


Lady Dorothy said...

I love the story of your friend's mother's homegoing. What a wonderful way to exit this life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, Way down here in the south we have a lot of snow today. Hope you are safe and warm and have a peaceful day.

George said...

In many ways it's amazing that you had to call on the police so few times while managing those two manors. Hopefully everything is okay at your neighbor's apartment. I hope you get a break from the snow you've had this weekend.

NCmountainwoman said...

Our memories are amazing, aren't they? You never know what's going to trigger them. Stay warm.

Glenda said...

Memories are powerful, aren't they? I was really touched by your last story . .. "gone on to worship at the feet of Jesus" . . . what a beautiful testimony to her life!

Thanks for your kind comments; I am feeling much better!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

In comparison to the amount of snow in your neck of the woods, we have just a dusting, 3 inches. I have had nothing go right today, not feeling well and can't even spell. LOL Things will be better tomorrow.

Anneliese said...

Beautiful "homegoing" story! she went to worship at the feet of Jesus! What a way to go! Ready!

Louise | Italy said...

These stories show what a kind, sincere and thoughtful person you are. It must have been great to work with you.