151. Dear hubby had a birthday during the week and we enjoyed a quiet relaxing day together celebrating and thanking the Lord for a great life and marriage. You can tell much about a man by how his wife loves, respects and appreciates him and how well his children speak of him. Our guy is the best!!

152. Our beautiful eldest daughter Angela who is celebrating a birthday today. So proud of her as a lovely wife, a great mom of two teens, and an ER nurse at a local hospital. Bless her Lord is our prayer!

153. Memories of my first pregnancy – such a blessing. It was also the week-end of the Grey Cup, I was the only one in the case room and the nurses were hooting and hollering, enjoying the game, when I called one of them to tell her that I had to ‘push’! Suddenly all attention was on the baby and me and we were on the home stretch!!

154. Our son Ken and their cat, Bella, have arrived safely with the huge U-haul and trailer. Thank you all for your faithful prayers and traveling mercies the Lord provided.

155. Friends who have come to help him unload – nothing I can help with right now – best to stay out of everyone’s way.

156. Our son’s daughter’s birthday. She turned ten on this birthday that she shares with her Opa! We’re looking forward to spending some birthday parties together now that they are moving back home! Love you honey and see you soon. So glad your recent tests turned out fine.

157. Our dear daughter-in-law Melissa and their two sons who complete the family. Have a good time yet with your folks and friends before you make the big trek up north.

158. Got our apartment decorated for 1. Advent and the coming weeks of Christmas!

159. My new devotional book ‘Then Sings my Soul.” I’m going to use that for a while even though it doesn’t have dates on it.

160. A lovely, sunny day – only minus 11. We started winter off with such a deep freeze that anything now can only be warmer, lol!

161. A second cup of coffee!

162. With a delicious piece of Christmas Stollen! Hubby can hardly wait their arrival in the stores. I used to bake them by the dozen every year – to give to family and friends and fill the freezer. Lovely memories! Nowadays we buy one or two for the season and that’s it.

163. Anticipating! Our second beautiful daughter, Evelyn, plans to come up to visit in a week or two. She will unpack, decorate and prepare her brother’s place for their arrival. Oh, what fun we will have together! What a special gift this will be for them. We must have a girl’s night out during her stay.

164. A friend’s answered prayer for her son. Her mother spent many years in our nursing home. When the mom passed away my friend still came to visit other folks. Recently she stopped coming and we lost touch for quite a few months. This past week she walked through the front doors and I greeted her with a warm smile and hug. She told me that I’d never guess what happened! Her son, who had been wasting his life in the drug scene, for the past 17 years, has returned to Jesus and now lives his life for Him. Oh, the joy we shared – unbelievable! What an awesome Christmas present.

165. For faithful volunteers!


Bernie said...

Another wonderful and grateful post my friend. We need more Karin's in this world....:-)Hugs

pam said...

WOW...I love your list! 11 below already...BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing an inspiring and grateful list today. Happy Birthday wishes to all and I am so thankful your son made a safe trip.

Doris Sturm said...

Happy belated Birthday to your hubby and daughter. Your decorations look lovely. There sure is a lot to be thankful for. We are blessed.

Ginny said...

You really do have so many blessings! And more now than ever. We have something in common, a daughter-in-law named Melissa!! What wonderful news about your friend's son! I have heard of stollen a lot, it's some kind of sweet bread? I have never had any and am still not sure what it is. I need to check out some bakeries. Stollen, that's not bread that's been swiped, is it?? Ha ha ha!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Karin, I always get such joy out of your blessings. Lots of birthdays in your family recently... That' neat. Glad your son and family made it ...

My sister -in-law (who is dead now) used to make the best Christmas Stollen.. I haven't had any in years.

Glad your friend's son has found Christ... Praise the Lord.


Lady Dorothy said...

What darling Advent candle holders!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Your post is so inspiring. A grateful soul can find countless blessings on everything, everyday, and remind us of that beautiful Psalm: " thankful unto him, and bless his name, for the Lord is good."

Thanks for sharing. And thank you for your lovely comment on my story.


daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Yes Kain always inspiring words here. Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods and commenting on my poem. When I wrote that poem for Magpie I thought it sounded a little cynical but purposely left it that way as sometimes that is how we are. I could have added the hope that comes from a relationship with God, but just wanted to touch someone who does not realize it is there in exact words.

Linda said...

Karin I loved your list and I love your sweet and caring heart!

Sounds like many special birthdays in the family...we have several tight now too.

So glad to hear that your friend's son has returned to Christ! I love to hear testimonies of God's work in people's lives.

Thanks for sharing.


George said...

As usual, I am very inspired by your list of blessings. Thank you for helping me become more aware of the blessings in my life.

Velvet Over Steel said...

More Wonderful blessings, Karin! I so love coming here to read these and then think of a dozen more blessings of my own.

Thank you!!!!!
Blessings & Many Hugs to you,