Count your many blessings, name them one by one!
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done!

6. Beautiful eye-candy everywhere in the flowers that bloom
7. A long week-end -  Thanking God for the joys of work
8. Grandson Sam's birthday celebration at Montana's
9. A book to read -  'The Art of Caregiving'
10. Nephew John Ristau, Seismologist, safe in NZ
11. Couple devotions right after delicious breaky
12. A glorious sunshine filled morning
13. Coffee and conversation
with eldest daughter last week
14. Memories of friends who are no longer with us
but have made a difference in our lives
15. Memories of my first day at school

All our beloved grandchildren - except the 3 year old -
are back in school.
I spent some time this week
looking through many old albums
and came upon this photo of my first day at school.
Every parent bought one of these giant cones
filled with school and fun supplies
for this special occasion!
Must have been almost 6 yrs. old
and I think I look either scared or sad.
Love my hair - very 'in' for children -
- the top was called a Hahnekamm -
Rooster Comb
- hair was twisted around a comb and fastened -
and the two long, curly pig tails tied up with pretty red ribbon!
Amazing that my parents had a
camera - a luxury in 1950.

Blessings on students and teachers!


Marg said...

Counting our blessings is the most ideal way to reflect over life when it becomes challenging.
I loved that first day of school photo. They are priceless.That's been awhile.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

We do have so many blessings,and I for one tend to take them for granted too often.God is good and has showered His love on me in multiple ways.

Mari said...

I love the picture of you. The cone is something new to me. I've never seen one until now.

ellen b. said...

Oh I love that old photo of you! How interesting that cone idea is. Enjoy your holiday!

Karen said...

Lovely list of blessings...I am glad you explained the cone...couldn't quite tell what it was in the picture...a rather neat idea!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Karin, Love that picture of you... Were you scared on that first day of school???? I had gone two 2 yrs. of Kindergarten before the first grade --so I wasn't scared (or at least I don't think I was).

Yes---we do have many blessings, don't we? Today, on Labor Day, I am blessed to know all of the working men and women... My Daddy worked hard his entire life --to provide for me and give me a college education.


Ginny said...

This picture is a scream!!! Actually, our girls start first day of pre-school tomorrow, and this is kind of giving me the shivers!! You look so worried! Do you remember how you felt or if you were prepared for it? I think the hair is beautiful! Haven't seen that style in many years, but I think it would be pretty for today. Loving the flowers, white and pink pansies?

Bernie said...

Love counting my blessings and I think your school picture is lovely. I hadn't seen the "cone" before either, I had a book bag with few supplies..........:-) Hugs

Karin said...

Ginny, those flowers are the wave petunias - white and pink! And no, I don't recall my feelings at the time - although I know that I was terribly shy and didn't like to stand and have my picture taken. I do remember that I did not like my male teacher - had the same one for the first four years of school in Germany. Oh well, I did like the school though and remember the playground and the rest of our village.

Joy said...

Oh the picture of you is precious and I love the cone that you brought your school supplies in. Thanks for sharing that with us along with your other blessings. Such gorgeous flowers.
Your right school is in session and we have much praying to do over the upcoming year for the teachers, students and schools.
That is why I love Moms In Touch. It is such a blessing in my life.
♥ Joy

Linda said... was fun reading your list of blessings! We all need to count our blessings, that's for sure.

Love that picture of you. And I so appreciate your sweet comment on my post today.

Love ya,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

George said...

Seeing you count your blessings reminds me that I need to do that more often as well.
I'm glad you found (and shared) the picture of your first day of school.

NCmountainwoman said...

I have never seen or even heard of those cones. Very interesting. And you are so right...we really need to count our blessings far more than we do.

C said...

Pretty pretty flowers ♥