Thank you Heavenly Father, that in You

We have Freedom.

Your Grace has freed us from the shackles of sin;

It no longer has any hold on us.

As soon as we are tempted to sin,

We have the freedom to say ‘No’ to temptation.

Just one whisper of your Name

And the evil desire disappears.

We are free to choose our church family.

We are free to worship together.

We are free to accept the friends

You have particularly chosen for us.

We are free to bind ourselves to You

As a humble servant forever.

We are free to forgive and hold no grudges.

We are free to restore broken relationships

And enjoy intimacy with others in You

Without fear of vulnerability.

We are free to love each other deeply,

And from the heart.

We are free to feel our emotions intensely,

But allowing only You to rule over our lives,

Not someone who wants to control us,

And simply cannot accept us as we are.

We are free to be who You want us to be.

We are free to share the Good News of Your salvation,

In a way that draws people to Your love.

We are free to enjoy living in Your Presence

Here and now and ultimately forever!

Oh there is so much more freedom!

Let me live in that wonderful freedom Lord,

And praise You until the end of my days. 



Doris Sturm said...


Lovely flowers and beautiful prayer. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Have a wonderful day!

Jane said...

Thank you for such a wonderful prayer. Hope that your weekend is going well,


Ginny said...

Your words are so true and beautiful, and also thought provoking, I've not thought of some of these things in this way. The flowers are beautiful! Are they gerbera daisies? Are they yours? A lovely post for the heart and the eyes on this Sunday. Blessings

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Karin... Our freedom is so important --and we here in the USA sometimes take it all for granted... For you see, we are beginning to lose many of our freedoms here --and it scares me so much... We all do need to turn back to God...Too many have turned away.

Beautiful picture....

Anonymous said...

Brilliant blog, I had not noticed earlier in my searches!
Carry on the superb work!

George said...

Amen! is about all I can say to this beautiful prayer.
I can also say thank you.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thank-you for reminding me of some of the freedoms I take for granted.God has blessed us all so richly and given us freedom in Him.

Jan said...

You have defined all the thoughts we hold so precious. Yes we revel in our glorious freedom.

And in verse, wonderful, a great gift, I've tried writing verse without success.

Blessings - Jan

Glenda said...

"Glorious freedom . . . wonderful freedom . . . " says the old hymn! You've so beautifully expressed what freedom in Christ means . . . and it it is a wonderful experience!

C said...

We should all spread the message of Grace.

We are made righteous because Jesus took out unrighteousness onto Himself on the cross, and gave us His righteousness.

Jesus is the final and official sacrifice. We are righteous not because we deserve to be righteous or not because we try not to sin. We are righteous because when God looks at us, He sees the righteousness of His Son, Jesus.

He took our unrighteousness so we may have His righteousness.