Wendy, from All in a day's thought, had a question on her blog, "Are you ready? Set? Or going?" Her questions are ambiguous on purpose - to get one thinking. In my mind more questions surfaced and this is what came to me.

One of our grands, ready and set to go!
Behind her our little Toyota Venza!
Need a front plate, lol!


Have you picked the place?

Are you on the right path?

Is this your life’s race?

Do you have a plan?

Do you know what to do?

Have you counted the cost?

Who is coming with you?


As in....

Set in the ground like a bulb to grow?

Finished your set of reps at the gym?

Set in your ways, in your comfort zone?

Foot planted firm at the starting point?

Focused intent on what lies ahead?

Fearlessly wait for one to say when?

Fiercely stretch every fiber you have?


Has the going, the ground, been prepared for this race?

Are you easy going or a going concern?

Where, when, and how and just why are you going?

Do you keep going, and going, and never learn?

Are you going forward and not looking back?

Are you going onward, and upward or just going out?

Are you going with God where He wants you to go?

Do you really know what going in faith's all about?

Karin Ristau©


ellen b. said...

Some great questions Karin!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Interesting post, Karin... I thought I was 'on top of the world' --with my life. Everything was perfect... Then the knee problem hit--and I find myself back at the beginning again... SO---do we all go through those steps (Ready, Set, Go) MANY times in our lives?????

Lots of questions.... Not many answers.


Glenda said...

You have an amazing gift of challenging us on our faith journey.

It's so important to know where we're headed and then keep our eyes focused (set) on the goal. As Betsy said, we may have some obstacles - no, we WILL have some obstacles - along the way, but we must press on! But we certainly can't do it on our own - and I'm so thankful that we don't have to! I'm glad the Gentle Shepherd is always with us, helping us find our way.

Jan said...

Your gift of writing awes me.....
Many Blessings

George said...

You've given us some wonderful things to thing about. These are questions we all need to ask ourselves, but what is more, these are questions we need to answer with honesty and in faith.

Peg said...

Well, you - and Wendy - have got me thinking. Just what I've been needing - thanks for sharing the challenge!

Evi said...

All I can think of in reply (sadly) is SET the table and that GOING should really rhyme with BOING. I pathetically believe this is the extent of the thoughtfulness of my life these days.Hopefully one day soon I will regain the soil beneath my feet. In a profound kind of way my thoughts lead me to a table that keeps always has a bountiful banquet and my BOING keeps me always jumping higher into the arms of the King!

Anonymous said...

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