Someone’s affliction may be of the body
And you show compassion, love, empathy.
But another’s may be one of throbbing emotions
A pain so deep where no one can see.

It’s both that will need your sensitive spirit,
Your caring concern, your fervent prayers.
The fragile faith that’s just a flickering flame
Needs another’s great faith; from a heart that dares.

She bores you to death with her conversations
Of her sadness, the memories that keep hounding her soul.
Give her of your faith, your assurance, your confidence,
That she will come through this; she will be made whole.

Again and again share with her Christ’s Good News!
Infuse her with hope that she will be set free!
This time it’s her turn to be hopeless and needy.
Next time could be your turn, my friend, don’t you see?

For the one who keeps asking as a needy, poor beggar,
Seeks just to be loved, if not understood.
Perhaps it is this one, who God sent your way,
To grow in you patience and that is so good!

 Karin Ristau


George said...

This is beautiful and contains a valuable lesson which we all need to keep in mind. We all do have a great gift to share with those who are hurting.

Joy said...

Karin, God has definitely given you the gift of mercy. I feel I'm not so good at seeing below the surface and pray that God will make me more sensitive to others.

♥ Joy

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is so beautifully said.
I have often said,that if you have a broken arm or leg,everyone can see the problem and is concerned,but what happens if the pain is not visible? I deal with lot of muscle aches and tiredness,at times,but it is not easy for people to understand because I look perfectly healthy.I am trying to be more understanding of others because of this,

Marg said...

I think you know my story, don't you...You have no idea what you wrote...someday I will share my experience...I'm going to journal it right now. (but you better remind me)
Your timing...God's Timing...Divine Appointments.

Bernie said...

This is a great post Karin, all of us can relate to it in some form or fashion.....:-) Hugs

Glenda said...

This is one of my favorites of your poems, Karen. It really speaks to me - probably because I recognize that I need more patience when dealing with those that you have described. God has given you a gift of insight into the needs of others as well as the ability to express those truths so beautifully and practically. Thanks!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wonderfully put, Karin.... I worked in a church for over 25 years. There were always NEEDY people coming by my office just to talk... They just needed to be needed. I felt it was my ministry to take time and talk to them--although I had so much else which needed to be done. Sometimes, I just wanted to run the other direction!!! But--we all need to listen to others and help others who are hurting or who just need someone to talk to.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspirational! God has blessed you with this gift of poetry, to encourage and bless others. You always speak words of truth, comfort and blessings to all who read them and their soul thirsts for peace, love, hope and, Chris

Evi said...

Another beauty Mom. I love the bouquet as well. You are a blessing, and are blessed.