Ivan skilfully made the violin 
in his woodworking shop in our Care Center
and Gustav beautifully played it for us!
Two wonderful volunteers!

A symphony of services
Where each one plays his part,
Together make sweet melody,
That’s really quite an art.

Each day you step onto the stage
Your skills and talents share.
Your love you show our residents.
They know when you've been there!

You put a smile upon their face.
You listen and you care.
You take the time to sing a song,
To hold a hand in prayer.

You laugh together, play a game,
And very soon you find
That you have made a brand new friend,
Who stole your heart~~ and you don't mind!

Those are the joys of volunteering.
And you return again, it's true,
Because the love you gave away
Is coming back to you.

We thank you for your active part
In our great symphony.
Your very presence fills this place,
With music and sweet harmony.

Karin Ristau ©


Jan said...

I'm loving your Volunteer series, and admiring your poetry.
Yes, we find we get back more than we give volunteering. And there is no need for anyone to be lonely, they will be welcomed and make friends when they offer to help.

Doris Sturm said...

Aww, what sweet old men - I wish I could have been there to see them...and hear the violin played.
I love the violin.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful words.You are such a gifted person.Thanks for sharing this with us on the blog.

George said...

Thanks for another wonderful post (and poem) about volunteers. These two make a wonderful team.