Servant hearts are always welcome!
Oh, what joy there is in ministry!
Life abundant we've been given,
so that others Christ will see.

Living, loving, humbly serving;
giving thanks in everything.
What we've done in love for others,
we have done for Christ, our King!

Sharing, teaching, praying, singing,
showing love in countless ways!
Hearts of kindness, grace and mercy ~
give God glory, honor, praise!

Teach us Lord to serve with gladness.
Joyful hearts and perfect unity;
willing spirits, mind of Christ,
filled with generosity!

"Well done, good and faithful servants,"
someday may we hear our Master's praise!
Volunteers - we humbly THANK YOU
that you brighten all our days!

Karin Ristau ©

Melody: "Lass die Herzen immer froehlich" 
Singvoeglein #168 - see above picture


Betty said...

That song is still sung sometimes in our church services. Brings back many memories.
Great series on volunteering, Karin!

Glenda said...

Hearing our Master's praise is our ultimate goal, isn't! And until then, we are His hands and feet! Beautiful post!

George said...

What wonderful words to a song. Thank you.

Marg said...

I can sing along that German song with you. What a beauty.

Anonymous said...


Just stopping by to browse. Thanks for stopping by my blog and dropping a note. This song is an old, old German text. I don't think it used much anymore. A lovely song though. We still sing it in our Huttterite homes.