Volunteers are Beary Special 
Appreciation Banquet


When you're volunteering here at Shepherd's Care
You bring rays of sunshine to hearts everywhere.
How this place would run without you we don't know;
That is why we're here today, our thanks to show.

Thanks for volunteering
Here at Shepherd's Care.
Volunteers we love you!
You're beyond compare!
Thanks for volunteering, 
Here at Shepherd's Care!
We just know that God 
will crown you over there!

People from all walks of life here volunteer.
They do visits, lead some games, give words of cheer,
knit an afghan, stitch a quilt, come sing and pray,
go on shopping out-trips, porter everyday.

Many friends you've made here as you volunteer.
You're part of the team and you are welcome here.
Sharing, caring, giving, helps us all to grow
in attitudes of gratitude ~ more love to show.

Your reward in heaven is awaiting you
For the many special things you say and do.
Yes, you make a great big difference everywhere!
And we reap the benefits at Shepherd's Care!

Karin Ristau©

Can be sung to "Count your blessings"

1 comment:

Karabeth said...

What a wonderful way to show volunteers just how special and appreciated they are! Even though the Lord is the one whose "well done" one waits to hear it is always nice when other people notice, too.