The gift of time
Oh, what a precious gift!
It touches lives
Gives hearts a special lift
To give this gift
One needs to care;
For kind and loving hearts
Are needed everywhere.
What is so neat about this gift?
O'er years of giving have you not found
That seeds of joy
You've sown in past
have in your future
days been found?
It takes an open, helpful heart
To give and give and give away
And share the blessings
it's received
with others every brand new day.
Thanks for the
yes, years!
Our hearts are filled with gratitude!
We love your gift of precious time!
We love you and your attitude!

Karin Ristau©


Joy said...

Volunteering isn't always convenient, but I have to say I've never regretted the time I spent doing it.

♥ Joy

Doris Sturm said...

What a beautiful verse about volunteering - and it's so true! There is just no better way than to give to another, than to give of oneself - time, the elusive currency :-)

Hope you had a wonderful Earth Day today, Karin :-)

Karabeth said...

Nothing as precious as spending time with someone. Sometimes it isn't easy to do either.

Beautiful poem.

Bernie said...

I would rather do a great job volunteering than a good job being paid......when it comes from the heart I know it's the right thing to do.

Jan said...

Another wonderful poem, all volunteers thank you for your appreciation.
We were at Marimar today..... nothing next week as it is a fifth week, yes we love visiting at the Aged Homes.