An unusual plant in our 'link' at work.
It's a lovely spot to sit among the gorgeous plants!
Photo by Evelyn - our daughter

Father, I thank you for my encourager;
The one you sent who sensed my need,
Who gave the refreshing word
Which brought a smile to my face!
Oh, my circumstances didn’t change,
But the apt comment stirred my spirit
To be grateful
To be patient
To be content
In the midst of the difficulties!
My load lifted as I listened.
My spirit soared 

because it had been touched -
By your kindness and gentleness
Through a heart that cared about me.
I felt understood.
I know I am
loved, respected and appreciated.
I knew I could go on.
That was a gift 

straight from your heart,
through that heart,
to mine!
Thank you Father 

for your great love
Sent via a willing messenger.

Karin Ristau


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is certainly an encouragement to act on those subtle prompts to make a call or send a note.Who knows when I can be that encourager to someone else.Thanks.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

It's amazing how frequently we get sent an encourager just at the right moment. Or, as Ruth says, when we get an impulse to make a call and learn that we have been an encourager!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

All of you blog friends have definitely been my 'encourager' Karin... Because of you, I can deal with my grief much easier. I know that my sweet brother is in a much better place--but my heart is still heavy. Thanks for caring!

Anonymous said...

Oh how true. We all need these folks, and sometimes we are the folks needed.

Betty said...

YOU are often my "encourager", Karin. Your poems speak to me, and I thank you for using your gift!

Diane said...

Lovely words and gorgeous flower! :O)

C said...

I love this poem.

I think that at many times, we need an encourager. A teacher. A mentor. A guide.

I need one right now.