Decided to pull this out and repost,
hopefully as encouragement to those
who are going through present difficulties. 

Disappointment? His appointment
To show you what He can do!
His face shines upon you in love every day.
He’ll never leave you, but make a way through.

The things you had hoped for did not come about.
What you held so dear is now gone.
Incredible hardships have knocked on your door.
The past can’t be changed; it is over, it’s done.

In this world, Christ said, we will have tribulation.
We’re not exempt from the pain of each fight.
There will be many a trial and many a testing,
Yet we’re walking by faith and not by sight.

These disappointments that have come your way,
are blessings that God has selected.
In all of our trials God works for our good
And in love gives us then much more than expected.

God’s showing the others a picture you see,
In how you handle things He’s sent your way.
Your trusting obedience,
your submission to Him,
And how you live,
speak louder and clearer than all that you say.

Karin Ristau


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Another great poem by Karin!!! I hope you are geting these all written down --to publish!!!!

Yes, God is there for us at all times. I never have understood how people go through tragedy or heart-break --without God in their lives. When I Daddy died (1969), it just broke my heart. I remember just walking around outside our home. I talked to God at that time--and felt God's arms around me.

Have a great day.

George said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. I especially like your last verse.

Connie Barris said...

I LOVE this... you know it's my fav....

thanks for the rerun...



Karabeth said...

I'm not suffering from disappointment at the moment (but stay tuned! :) ) but the wonderful words will be a most appreciated encouragement the next time I am.


ellen b. said...

It's easy to forget about those words of Jesus but it is so true. This world cannot satisfy and there are disappointments. Hoping to handle things well with His help and also choosing Joy walking with the one who was anointed with joy...
Have a wonderful weekend Karin!