You are in a high-volume ‘discussion’
A shouting match actually– with kids or hubby
Suddenly the phone rings
You instantly change your tone and demeanor
Answer the phone in a normal, even pleasant voice
Have a lovely, long conversation
And even still smile when you hang up!

That means that you CAN control yourself
And your emotions!

It also follows then that

If you’re anxious – you can stop it
If you’re angry – you can stop it
If you're dwelling on issues - you can stop it
If you’re jealous – you can stop it
If you’re getting nervous – you can stop it
If you’re getting catty – you can stop it
If you’re being argumentative – you can stop it
On, and on, and on – you can stop it



Love intently
Give generously
Receive graciously
Smile naturally
Encourage eagerly
Forgive immediately
Pray unceasingly
Help diligently
Prepare thoughtfully
Laugh joyfully
Trust implicitly
Bless continually
Wait patiently
Serve gladly
Live purposefully
Choose wisely
Act authentically
Hope expectantly
Speak kindly
Nurture lovingly
Disciple devotedly
Fellowship faithfully
Lead effectively
Listen compassionately
Learn continually
Counsel sensibly
Work willingly
Tell truthfully
Plan prudently
Preach passionately
Rest reasonably
Teach intelligently
Drive defensively
Sing melodiously
Play happily
Age gracefully
Rejoice deeply

Karin Ristau

"TRUST in the Lord with all your heart and He will direct your path!"


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Karin, I've always heard that if you are in an intense or angry situation with someone, don't continue.. Walk away and cool off. Sometimes, just walking away (like talking on the telephone) will help. You may say some things you regret later if you don't walk away for awhile.

Great post.

Julie said...

Karin, I loved this.... You wrote it beautifully....

Yep, it all comes back to choice, doesn't it?

I've been that woman talking in intense angry tones with my children to sweetly answer the phone... OUCH... hard to remember and admit it.

But you are so right....thank you!

Also, thank you for visiting my blog and your sympathy. I am blessed by your words...


Karabeth said...

Touche! :)

McMahon Manifesto said...

I really liked this. Especially the choosing not to dwell on issues. Lately I've been doing too much of that! It's always a blessing to visit this blog.

Cathryn said...

Ouch Karin. This is all so very true. Blessings ~ Cathryn

Rachel...finding joy said...

Beautiful, Karin. Thank you for sharing.


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

This is very beautiful...

but just a little something...I think that it is also wise to let out your emotions...it can be unhealthy to always act perfect and never get mad...all those emotions stay bottled up.

It is possible to be angry but to say sorry. To cry, then to smile.

All emotions are beautiful and a way for us to express ourselves.



karin said...

Thank you all for your comments! Oh, I have not yet achieved complete self-control in all areas of my emotions. I need the Holy Spirit to help me every day!! I have seen the damage some of my emotions have done when I willfully did not control how I expressed them. I have also been on the receiving end in my formative years. Anxiety, jealousy, self-pity, etc. all cause chemical changes in our body which affect our own health, never mind the emotional damage inflicted with an outburst of anger and argumentation towards the other person. When I was young my excuse would always be that I had to express myself. What I know now is that I may express myself fully to my heavenly Father and then leave it there. He'll deal with my feelings and the other person's. I may speak openly, calmly and courteously about the things that bother me, but it is dishonoring to oneself and disrespectful of the other person to rant and rave and carry on. This post was a reminder to me, myself and I that there is a choice I must make - even when I am confronted with someone else's lack of self-control. Wrong choices have consequences. It was good for me to think on this some more!