Words of truth spoken without words of grace,
Had shaped his perception. He knew his place.

He didn’t like drinking the dregs from this cup.
He just wasn’t liked; did not measure up;

No matter how hard he had ever tried.
He sat there mulling and often sighed.

He was ignored! Indifferently left on the shelf.
Would he ever be loved just for himself?

Much like Job he too had often been told,
He was to blame for those things of old.

He struggled at times with horrible pain
As ugly, mean thoughts stole his joy once again.

And then one day, while on his knees praying,
It seemed that he heard his dear Master saying,

“I AM the Truth, full of mercy and love,
And grace abundant from your Father above.

I’ll trade you joy for that sorrow inside.
I’ll be your Light; for it’s dark where you hide.

Come; take my hand, my dear, special friend!
I will always stay with you! Your heart I will mend.

If others don’t like you; freely give them My love!
There will be in your heart, more than enough!

‘cause I’ll fill your heart to overflowing!
And that’s the way you will surely be growing;

In patience, and gentleness, kindness, and such!
You ARE greatly loved! Now you can love much!”

Karin Ristau


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great way to start a Monday morning, Karin...

McMahon Manifesto said...

I agree with Betsy!

Blessings on you,


Karabeth said...

This one was of great encouragement!

Julie said...

This was beautiful. Did you write it?????

I loved it...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet words.
You have no idea how much they bless me.

Thank you!

karin said...

Yes, Julie, I wrote it. I thank the Lord for this gift and trust it blesses others! God is good!