OUR FATHER - A dialogue

Two of my youth volunteers presented this dialogue in a program a few years back. It was done in German. I've put it into English. For presentation the voice of God should be hidden. I'm sure there could be a little tweaking done here and there, but I'm leaving it 'as is.'

: "Our Father, who art in Heaven...”


"Hey, who is interrupting me at prayer?"

God: "What do you mean ‚interrupting’; you just addressed ME!?"

"I was just praying, like I always do. Nobody has ever bothered me before. That’s how I do it every morning. I don't remember hearing a voice before."

"Oh, would you like to be left alone then?"

Speaker: "Hm, don’t know what I should say…perhaps I’ll just continue."

"...hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

"If I might be permitted to interrupt. What do you actually mean by…Thy Will be done and so on?"

"I guess I haven’t really given it much thought. But since you ask, it really would be nice if Your Will would happen on earth. I have often heard that You actually want what is best for us as humans and that You are a God of Love and Peace.

God: "Yes, that’s true. But have you ever asked yourself what My Will would be for your personal life?

Speaker: "Why? What do you mean? I’m a very peaceful person and actually I feel quite good about myself.

God: "Yes, I see that. Actually I would really like to be a part of your life, but only if you would want that. I’m truly interested in you, how you are, and how you imagine your life to be.

"Well, if that is true, I’ll have to really think about it. But now I just want to finish my prayer.

"Give us this day our daily bread! – Oh, may I ask a question now??

"Of course!"

Speaker: "This request has always puzzled me. I don’t have a problem getting my daily bread, so why do I still have to ask for it? And besides, what about all the people who have nothing to eat; do they still ask for their daily bread? Did Jesus think about this when He taught the disciples to pray?

God: "That’s a good question. What do you think?"

Speaker: "I just told you what I think; there’s nothing else at the moment.

God: "Well, let me see if I can explain, or better yet, you start thinking about all that you need to live a good life.

Speaker: "Ok, I guess it is important to me to have good friends with whom I can have fun and good conversation. Listening to music and going out sometimes is important too. I hope I can get a good education, so I can make a future for myself. I guess the list could get very long.

God: "How about you write it down and then we can go over 'the daily bread' that you need to live.

Speaker: "Not a bad idea."

God: “And how does the prayer continue?”

Speaker: “And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into….

God: “Hold on a minute. That didn’t sound so enthusiastic?!“

Speaker: “Well, you know – trespasses, forgiveness and temptation – I just don’t know what to do with that. There are not that many trespasses that I’ve done. And this forgiveness thing, I don’t really feel like it, especially when I’ve been unjustly treated. And what is that about ‘temptation’? Do mean Chocolate?

God: “What you just mentioned is only a small part of the whole. But take a look at things from my perspective. Don’t you think it would be a great experience, that if you really did do something wrong, someone would actually forgive you for it?”

Speaker: “Uhhh, yes.”

„Of course! You must never forget that with me, it is always about loving you. That’s what is meant with forgiveness too. Everything is meant to be helpful for you, so that you can be saved and live well. When that happens it will bring glory to ME.”

Speaker: “I’m beginning to see that now. Then I’ll pray that part again. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!”

Speaker: “And now still the ending. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen! I like the last sentence the best, now that You have spoken with me. I believe that I’ll come more often to talk with you and learn more about you. It is so good to know that this is personally for me and not just people in general. Thanks so much. I’ll be back soon.”

God: “I am really looking forward to that. You know where you can reach me! I AM always there!”


Braja said...

I loved this Karin...it's true that things become "by rote," not from the heart. A daily reminder to be conscioius of our dialog with God...I like that. Thank you and God bless!

Betty said...

Very thought provoking! Too often we just pray, without thinking that we are actually talking to God.