Not always, but sometimes I just talk too much!
Help me to bring encouraging, edifying words,
Instead of words of criticism and condemnation.
Help me to speak words of love and affection
Instead of vain flattery and ego boosting.
Help me to have open, loving and honest conversation
Instead of taking perverse delight in self-righteous confrontation.
Help me to utter words of caring and concern,
Instead of something trite and superficial.
Let me flow forth rivers of refreshing water
Instead of spewing gravel and irritating sand.
Let me always speak truth,
Instead of giving a one-sided perspective and half-truths
Let me be quick to speak comfort
Instead of keeping sanctimonious silence.
Where there are hurt feelings and pain
Let me bring healing words and affirmation
Where I want to vigorously defend myself
Let me realize that hearing the other side is always the wiser choice.
Keep me from carelessly sowing seeds of strife
Where I should mind my own business.
Keep me from pronouncing judgment on another,
And reserve my opinion until all the facts are in,
And even then be gracious, kind and truly forgiving.
Keep me from rashly revealing my impetuous thoughts and feelings
But rather patiently wait for a change in the circumstances.
Father, thank you for forgiveness, before I even ask!
If it were not for Christ's perfect sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary
I would be undone.
"I tell you, on the Day of Judgment you will have to give an account
For every careless word you utter,
For by your words you will be justified,
And by your words you will be condemned."*
Thank you, Father, for your amazing grace.

Karin Ristau

*Matthew 12:36


Cathryn said...

Hey Karin,

Unsettling times down here in the states. But I have a peace inside. A peace that only God can give. There will likely be hard times ahead - no doubt - but I'm on the winning side. My daughters have already said "Let's move to Prince Edward Island." We visited there once. Hope you are doing well. Lord Bless, Cathy

karin said...

Hi Cathryn,
Just knowing that our heavenly Father has everything under control and will bring about His good and perfect Will is very comforting and reassuring!
There will be hard times in Canada too, and not just because of the decision made in the USA. One thing in times like these that we know is that there have always been times like this! Come on up to PEI - I here it is beautiful there. Hubby and I would still like to visit there sometime.

Be blessed!