The load was getting heavier,
the parcels burdensome.
“How long must I still carry these?”
Who can decide when this is done?

He stopped to check each little package.
He really had a lot.
It’s not surprising that the load he carried,
with each step heavier got.

There was the time he was insulted,
he had made sure not to forget.
he carried that for quite a while,
and it seemed heavy yet.

She did remember once,
there was a fight they had,
Not sure what it was all about
But that was one she’ll not forgive.
Of that there is no doubt.

And then there was the time,
he stepped across my boundary.
Yes, that was reason to withdraw
with anger ~~ such a tragedy.

And every day they added more to their collection;
He would not let them off the hook.
She had a perfect memory of the other’s deeds.
In fact, they wrote them in their book.

But something happened in his heart,
as he was down upon his knees.
One word, “Forgive,” He said; showed me His book.
“Here, child, have you seen these?”

And it was then and there that he declared,
“I’ll never carry grudges.
Whether insulted, wounded, grieved,
I will give all to Him who judges

The deeds and motives of mankind.
He can be trusted every way.
I wasn’t meant to carry such a load!
And now I’m carefree every day!

I will no longer chain someone
to me with my perceptions!
I’ll set them free! Then both of us
will benefit from healthier relation."

Karin Ristau


Karabeth said...

This is beautiful, Karin, and so true. How much better it is to lay those burdens down and leave them!

We're reading aloud "Pilgrim's Progress" as a family. Something that came to my mind is that if one pilgrim can lay his sin burden down at the foot of the cross, another pilgrim surely should not pick it up and run after him with it! If the omniscient Savior can forgive and forget why can't we?

Betty said...

You are very gifted! Very nice and thought provoking poem!

Debbie said...

WOW...WOW...WOW...that was convicting! And so well written. Since you are EVI's Mom I guess I shouldn't be surprised because she always makes me think!

Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. You are all linked up!

Cathryn said...

Another great poem. An awesome "word picture." Have you published your works before? Lord Bless, Cathy in Kentucky

karin said...

Thank you ladies for your kind remarks. Thanks Debbie for linking me up - I so much enjoy all the links to people all over the world. I've enjoyed every trip.

No, Cathy, I've not considered publishing my poetry. That could get quite expensive. Also, poetry is such a personal thing and I don't think it enjoys a lot of popularity. It was my daughter who strongly encouraged me at least to put them on a blog and she got the blog started for me. I'm enjoying working on my blog.

Thanks again for stopping by!