Every time I go out shopping,
I marvel at the things I see.
And when I find that something special,
I feel it seems to say to me,

"I'd be great for your new friend."
"How your grandchild would love this!"
"One of each for both your daughters!"
"Oh, for son or hubby this can't miss!"

When I spy a fitting gift,
I’m like a child with a new toy!
How my gift drawer’s overflowing!
Surprising others gives such joy!

And if I, a simple woman,
Give many gifts, no strings attached,
How much more our heavenly Father,
Gives greater gifts that can’t be matched.

Our gracious God in grace and wisdom,
Always gives us what we need.
Oftentimes through friends and family
Who will show His love in deed.

Open wide your heart, receive them,
All these tokens of His love!
Yes, our Father gives His children,
Priceless presents from above.

Karin Ristau

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